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Taipei Taiwan

Monday, April 6, 2015

Xinan #93

Dear Family, There is a new companion here! Elder Stewart from Washington State :) He's a wonderful missionary and is going to do a great job here helping President Day until the new mission president comes in July. This week I was sick with a pretty mean cold. It was the first time that I had ever had to go back and sleep because I was so sick, but it was only for an hour before we had splits with members to teach a potential investigator later in the evening. Hahah, Elder Shelton (Mission Recorder) had a theory that it's because of a drop in the stress levels.... (the day prior, Elder Stewart came into the office, at which time I gave him all the keys that I had)... :P I have to be completely honest. I love it here and I love the people here, and I am so grateful for the things that I have learned here, but I am super excited to see you all. I am going to miss it here. Miss the food, miss the weather, miss the Amas and all the cute little asian babies, but the greatest thing that I'll miss is the people. Just as Joseph said, People are Important. I'm going to miss wearing the name of Christ on my chest, and testifying of the Savior's love, and our Father in Heaven to these, my beloved brothers and sisters. I am so grateful for the Savior and His love. I'm grateful for the Book of Mormon, and the converting power that it has in people's lives to turn them to the Savior, and by the Spirit how we are to repent, and how to draw closer to our Father through Him. I Know that He lives. HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll see you next week. Love, Elder Westover
My last Mission Leadership Council... We did a training on the Book of Mormon, and Oreos... :)  Super yummy ;)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Xinan #92

Dear Family, This is our generation picture right before we went to the temple here. The temple is closed the next two weeks for cleaning. It was a wonderful experience. Very spiritual and a wonderful opportunity to be with these, my brethren :) I was so torn... and after the temple it just makes me even more torn that I have to leave. I really love what Tarah wrote me this week... "testify with all the passion and love and genuine sincerity that you have in you- EVERY time you testify until you go home and even after." I'm going home in two weeks, that's true, but while I'm here that fact has nothing to do with the work that I have to do here now. I was looking in my past journals from earlier in the mission and I really love it the way I said it back then. Just as the Savior did, I'm not here just because I want to impress someone or anything for my own benefit. "I am about my Father's business." #BecauseHeLives (#因爲祂活著)I can say that I am a son of God. I have worth, and He loves me. My purpose is to help others (my brothers and sisters) come unto Christ. To help them Discover, Embrace, and Share the Atonement of Christ. That we can be saved. (3 Nephi 9: 22)
I had a super cool experience with sharing the gospel through Family History this week!! :) We have a Recent Convert (Brother Lee) that is almost up to a year and we have always been trying to help her have interest in learning about the Gospel, and this week we went over to their house and we were about to sing an opening hymn to invite the Spirit, but the Lord had his intervention to add to that Spirit (THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH) when my companion saw a picture on top of the piano that hadn't been there the past visits :) The picture was of Sister Lee's father and his family when he was a teenager, and she just went on, and on :) eventually we got to sing and she loved it!! In prior visit she had never commented or anything, and she accepted the invitation to watch the #BecauseHeLives video with us. There was a long pause afterward, and the Spirit filled the room. It was almost tangible!! Then I just had a feeling to share my testimony of the Atonement and the ability it has to unite our families. And then my companion asked them how they felt, and she said, she felt very 舒服(translated as: comfortable). Eventually, we started to talk about Family History and we invited them to come to the Family History Center and learn more! And another great thing is that we have been really wanting to try to get her husband ready to go to the temple, so we are super excited about that miracle :) Our ward is getting super ready for missionary work too :) The Bishop is super stoked about Family History, and using social networks to do missionary work :) I love this work and I'm happy to be a part of it!! :)  Hurrah for Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover

Monday, March 23, 2015

Xinan #91

Dearest family!!! Oh my goodness!! The most wonderful thing has happened............ The Sam and Sara are baptized!!!!!!!!! :) The Lai Family is on their path to an Eternal Family :) It was a great week :) They both passed their baptismal interviews with flying colors, and both had very spiritual experiences. The following are their before and after pictures ;) The after picture is with the bishopric. The Ward loves them!!! :) And they feel that love.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Xinan #90

Hello everyone!! This week was super fun with all the Zone Conferences!! Thank you so much for the prayers and blessings you shot our way as we were doing those trainings this week because they were really filled to the max with the Spirit. All of the people involved in the trainings were all inspired and everyone learned through that same Spirit. We had three Zone Conferences this last week, and we have another two this week and then we'll be doing two exchanges before the baptism of Lai Family this Saturday :) Super stoked!!! The hearts of the fathers are truly turning to the hearts of the children and the hearts of the children are turning to the hearts of the fathers, because when we met with Sam and Sara and taught them about Family History and Eternal Marriage and Temples and all that the Spirit was full. They are super stoked to be baptized and want to work in the Temple too :) I'll send pictures and yes mom, when you come we can "break bread" with them :) they can understand and speak English. (Their listening ability is better, but they can :)) Hurrah For Israel!!! Love, Elder Westover Ps-That's it for now!! Mom and dad.... do you have any plans already made for when you come here?? Picture below is a posterity picture. Left to right: Elder Willes(Myson), ME, Elder Tan (Grandson#2), Elder Jensen (Grandson #1) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Monday, March 9, 2015

Xinan # 89

----------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The Lai family. :) 2. Supper at President and Sister Days. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dearest Family, Happy Birthday Julia!!!!!! :) The time is flying by....!!!!!! And the Lord is sending so many miracles our way. The Lai Family is super stoked to get baptized!! :) Below is a picture of them after we shared with them after Church this last week. :) The little one that Dad is holding (Tori) is making a funny face :P. They are so prepared!! They took 4 days out of their schedule to meet with us and learn about the first 4 lessons. Sam and Sara (dad and mom) are both very intelligent and understand the doctrines and they are both reading the Book of Mormon and praying. After we shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them, we asked them how they felt about their Goal to be baptized and Sam said... "很期待!" (very excited and looking forward to it), then, Sara said, “很開興”! (very happy!!!) We hope that they will start doing these basic activities as a family. With the little girls :) Please keep them in your prayers. :) This week we have Zone Conferences starting and we will be doing a training on Fluency in the Language of the Spirit; Love; and Taiwan. :) Elder Greenhalgh and I will be doing a training on the Language of Taiwan :) Please Pray that President Day, Sister Day, the Temple Sisters, Elder Greenhalgh and I will be able to follow the Spirit in helping the missionaries (many very new) have more confidence and become more effective in the hands of the Lord. :) Happy Birthday Mom!!! Love you!!! Hurrah For Israel!! Love, Elder Westover

Monday, March 2, 2015

Xinan # 88

Hello family. I love you. There is enough to be said if that's it. :) I know I'm kinda vague, but I hope the pictures make up for the lack of words :) Loves!!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover --------------------------------------------------------------------- Pics: 1. This is the Lai Family :) (Dad- Sam & Mom- Sara)​ They are so awesome!!!! They both set a goal to be baptized on March 21st! Pray that they will feel the Spirit as we help them come unto Christ and work toward an ETERNAL FAMILY! 2. Elder Greenhalgh and I in front of the Temple!! :) 3. Brother Huang is baptized!!! He even gave a wonderful talk at the New Member Fireside this Sunday night too!! :) His new bride is really busy with work, but is still coming to church and we are hoping to help her make the covenant with Heavenly Father and work toward a temple marriage. :) ---------------------------------------------------------

Monday, February 23, 2015

Xinan # 87

Dearest Family, Happy Chinese New Year!! 恭喜發財,拿紅包來!新年快樂!洋洋得意! There's your Chinese for the week :) haha At Chinese New Year the people all head back to their birthplaces and spend time with their families. This year the Holiday season in for the space of 6 days and pretty much what happens is they eat, and eat, and go on nice little walks, and then eat and eat some more, and then go back to work at the end of the holiday. We as missionaries are taken care of very well... every single day, and every single meal is scheduled by members to feed us :) So this week has been super crazy because Elder Greenhalgh and I have been helping President Day with interviews, but he wanted us to go to all of our visits with these members.... Taipei is a very big city and we have been doing lots of running to and from those visits back to give training to missionaries, but it's been great!! :) I love serving the Lord. Like I've said before... I can't speak very clearly how I feel, but I know that there is no way that I would be here in Taiwan and serve here and see people change their lives unless the Savior really did Live. Brother Huang and Sister Wu are now married!!! :) He passed his baptismal interview on Tuesday night and will be baptized on Thursday next week! February 26th. We hope to see Sister Wu baptized on mom's birthday... March 14th :) We are meeting with the Lai Family tonight and we are super stoked about them :) We'll get back to you about that later :) Like I said... this last week we have been giving training to missionaries as President Day does interviews this last week and we will also be doing so next week from Monday (thus Elder Greenhalgh and I are having our P-Day today) up until Wednesday night when 19 of our visa waiters come in!!!!! :) Heavenly Father has answered our prayers and we are super excited :) Thanks for your prayers! Next week I'll send you more pictures, but that's it for now. :) I love you all!!!!!!!!!! Have a great Happy Chinese New Year :) Hurrah For Israel!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover pics! Costco trip with Sister Day! Chinese New Year meals!