Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MTC Week 3

Zenme Yang?! (What's up?!) I am so sorry if I sound like a broken record, but I just want to tell you all how much I love the MTC. It is amazing. Last week we had the opportunity to hear from Richard G. Scott who spoke to us on the topic of prayer. He reminded us of how blessed we are to have the opportunity to serve a mission and how great it is that we don't have to worry about anything other than strengthening our own testimonies and learn and grow and communicate with our Father in Heaven. He spoke specifically to those of us that were learning a language in the MTC and reminded us of the power that prayer has. We have the ability to communicate with the most powerful being in all existence, who asks us to address him as, "Father". In D&C 8:1-2 he asks us to just simply to talk with him... share with him the intents and desires of our hearts. We can take him any question and He will answer it. We just need to make sure that we are prepared to accept the plan that He has for us. Later in that talk he gave an Apostolic blessing that stated: "Through the Power of the Holy Ghost you will be able to master your mission language." He went on to say that through our efforts this blessing could be fulfilled, and that as we act on the promptings of the Spirit, we will learn to trust in the ability and plans He has set out for us already. There is so much I want to tell you, but I have run out of time. Just know that I am having a blast and learning so much. I love you all and think of you constantly..... and I mean that. I hope all is well and I willl continue to pray for you as I know that you pray for me. Liliang he Lianchi (Strength and Honor) Love, Elder Westover P.S.- Oh, hey, did I already tell you that I love you?!!!?! well I do! Thanks to everyone who has written. I love to recieve the words of encouragement and love!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MTC Week 2

Hello! This is Elder Westover reporting from the MTC. The weather here has been completely awesome and bipolar!! Don't get me wrong, being from Cornville AZ I love to see snow, but they won't open up the playing fields infront of the Temple until it stops snowing for a week and it keeps snowing every other day!! Hahah, oh well... I'll get over it. There is so much here that I would love to share. Unfortunately there are nearly 6,000 missionaries here in the MTC and it seems that there are atleast half of them waiting in line right behind me to use the computers, so I'll try to be quick. I can't believe tomorrow will be the two week mark for me here in the MTC... Time flies when the Lord is your employer :) I love how incredible this place is. I had my first Sacrament Meeting with Branch 39 and I must say that the Lord is so good, because I have only been here two weeks and I can sit through a meeting of full Mandarin and pick out words! It may not be a pretty translation, but when I have the gift of tongues and the Spirit on my side, I know of the truth when it is spoken... even when it's in a completely different language. It is said that the English speaking missionaries come to the MTC to learn the Gospel. The Spanish speaking missionaries come to the MTC to learn the language, and for Mandarin speaking missionaries..... the Lord teaches them HUMILITY. Hah... The language is coming.... slowly, but surely. :) We meet with two investigators from now on till we leave for the field and I am excited to have the Lord teach to me as I strive to bring His children back to the fold. I love you all and I pray for you. I Know that the work that I am doing right now, is so great and there is no force that can stop it. I am now the Lord's and I know that his love will always prevail. ci'ai, Wu Zhang Lau (Elder Westover)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MTC Week 1

Nimen Hao! (Hello!) haha that is probably one of the most common phrases that I say here on the MTC campus. I am loving the language and have loved being in the MTC so far. They say that if you make it to Sunday, you'll be good all the way through.... hahah I made it! I know that it's not done yet though. I will be here for 8 more weeks. I'm loving it! You prospect missionaries.... anything they say about the MTC food is SOOO true. They do something to it.... but it's so good!! I don't know that I am making any sense right now, but I want to tell you that General Conference was really great here at the MTC. Truely amazing. It is great to see and feel Christ in every aspect of your life. There is a spirit on the campus of the MTC that makes it almost as peaceful as the temple. I am in a Tripanionship right now and love it. Elder Morgan, from Idaho and Elder Illu, from Utah. We get along great and are having a great time. There are still some things that we need to get down when it comes to studying, preparing, and teaching our investigator, but that will come in time as we all come to know of our love for the Savior and His love for us. The language is a challenge that's for sure. I am doing alright. I know a decent amount compared to my companions, but there is a sister in our district who is like, crazy good!! She lived in Taiwan for like 8 months last year, so she had a little bit of a head start on us :P I am growing so much, and I know that the Lord in only going to help me grow more (cough, cough..... humble me) because there are times that I feel like I can't go any more, but somehow I get back up and try again! Every day is a new day and there is always a couple more inches that I can stretch when the Lord is the one that is pushing me. I love this work. The work that is of my Father. He is the one and only God and HE DOES LOVE ME. I invite you to find out learn that truth for yourself. I love you all and I hope you all will love me :) I pray for you and wish all the best for you as I am about my Father's Work. God Bless, Elder Jordan Westover P.S.- Thank you all for writing me!! I got like 8 letters on my first two days and everyone in my district was super jealous.... :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Hello!! I have finally been allowed some time to write you and tell you how I am! Things are great here. I love my teach and my district. I am in a Trio and they are great. The language is really tough but I am already seeing how much the Lord is needed in the process. We are having role plays and today we have to give our first lesson the Wu guan chen. It is amazing how connected you can feel with someone that is just a role player, but the studying you do is for that investigator. I love it and pray for the Lord to continue to humble me. I'm sorry if I don't respond to you because in the MTC there is like NO time!!! Your day is completely full. My P-Day is on Tuesday andmy temple session is at 1:45 pm Wo ai ni!! Ai, Wu Zhang Lau ( Elder Westover)