Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MTC Week 3

Zenme Yang?! (What's up?!) I am so sorry if I sound like a broken record, but I just want to tell you all how much I love the MTC. It is amazing. Last week we had the opportunity to hear from Richard G. Scott who spoke to us on the topic of prayer. He reminded us of how blessed we are to have the opportunity to serve a mission and how great it is that we don't have to worry about anything other than strengthening our own testimonies and learn and grow and communicate with our Father in Heaven. He spoke specifically to those of us that were learning a language in the MTC and reminded us of the power that prayer has. We have the ability to communicate with the most powerful being in all existence, who asks us to address him as, "Father". In D&C 8:1-2 he asks us to just simply to talk with him... share with him the intents and desires of our hearts. We can take him any question and He will answer it. We just need to make sure that we are prepared to accept the plan that He has for us. Later in that talk he gave an Apostolic blessing that stated: "Through the Power of the Holy Ghost you will be able to master your mission language." He went on to say that through our efforts this blessing could be fulfilled, and that as we act on the promptings of the Spirit, we will learn to trust in the ability and plans He has set out for us already. There is so much I want to tell you, but I have run out of time. Just know that I am having a blast and learning so much. I love you all and think of you constantly..... and I mean that. I hope all is well and I willl continue to pray for you as I know that you pray for me. Liliang he Lianchi (Strength and Honor) Love, Elder Westover P.S.- Oh, hey, did I already tell you that I love you?!!!?! well I do! Thanks to everyone who has written. I love to recieve the words of encouragement and love!

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