Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Hello!! I have finally been allowed some time to write you and tell you how I am! Things are great here. I love my teach and my district. I am in a Trio and they are great. The language is really tough but I am already seeing how much the Lord is needed in the process. We are having role plays and today we have to give our first lesson the Wu guan chen. It is amazing how connected you can feel with someone that is just a role player, but the studying you do is for that investigator. I love it and pray for the Lord to continue to humble me. I'm sorry if I don't respond to you because in the MTC there is like NO time!!! Your day is completely full. My P-Day is on Tuesday andmy temple session is at 1:45 pm Wo ai ni!! Ai, Wu Zhang Lau ( Elder Westover)

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