Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Xinan # 78

Dear Family and beloved friends, There have been a ton of miracles this week especially with "HE is the Gift". So many, but I will share only one... actually the very last one of last week. We had felt that Yun He Jie would be a really good place to go the night before in our planning and it worked that we were right on schedule to go there at the time that we had originally planned. WE got there and started to Christmas Carol... just the two of us. It was great! You know me I love singing, especially Christmas songs, and we had some people buzz us up to their apartment but there was no success. Then there was one house on the 5th floor that let us up! Hahah and it was not a Taiwanese, European, American, or Australian, but rather 2 Mandarin Students from Honduras here on a 5 year scholarship to learn Chinese. Thankfully their English was like perfect, and after we asked if we could share a short message about Christmas, and watch "HE is the Gift" video, they let us in :) Elder Huang blew them away with his Spanish skills when he said, "GATO!" Hahah! It was awesome. We watched the video and the Spirit was super strong as they were able to watch this video in their own native language. We shared with them about the message of the Restoration, about restored priesthood power, and baptism. And they accepted a baptismal date commitment. :) the best thing is that their other roommate came home and we got to watch the video with them again and they said that this Christmas they wanted to let Christ into their lives more. They are in the same situation as I am with being away from family this Christmas season, but as we testified of the eternal family that we have and invited them to come unto Christ... they felt that warm tender love that their Father in Heaven has for them. :) Super awesome :) So many miracles that we can invite people everywhere to come unto the Savior. All People Everywhere. I know that boldly following the Spirit is so important and acting upon the feelings that we have will bring so much happiness to the Children of God. Share the Gift!!!!! :) Love, Elder Westover

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Xinan # 77

This week Brother Huang Qi Ru brought his girlfriend, Sister Wu Hui Yu, with him to church!!!!!! She has a great desire to be baptized and have a new start. Two weeks ago we boldly invited her to come to church this week and start planning to come the weeks after that and she said that she was willing to do it and she did it!! She seemed to like it quite a bit. She loved the Christmas hymns and had a grin on her face the whole time :) Her work is really quite busy, but we are sending her texts with scriptures daily. We are hoping for her and Brother Huang to be baptized this month. They need prayers to know that they should be baptized and we hope that she will quit her work and that they will get married so they can give Christ a gift this year. Please pray for them!!! We really need some miracles to happen for them. This week my studies were almost nothing... (because of all the training meetings and transfer week). I hope to have more in the following weeks I will be able to do more. I need to at least make sure that I get some reading in the Book of Mormon daily. I want to give Jesus a gift this year and it is to read "Jesus the Christ". I have about 200 pages left and less than a month to do it... pray that I will be able to use the time that I have to read it and learn more about how I can give more of myself to Him and to those I teach. I really love Elder Huang. I feel like most of the lessons we have taught have been really good. We haven't been able to find too much together, but I'm excited this week to do that more :) No pictures this week because my camera is broken.... I'm going to get if fixed this week... hope that all goes well. Haha I love using the "He is the Gift" video we have really been able to see alot of success with it from sharing it with the members in our ward. They are sharing it and getting excited for Christmas. Too many experiences, but we look forward to it this week with using the little biyu that Sister Day used with the candy cane and visiting our members and asking for LA referrals and finding some more low hanging fruit for the coming months. Also we want to make more calls to our potentials :) This is my week!! Even though it was absolutely crazy... it was still really great. I'm excited to be here with Elder Huang and to have the opportunity to serve so closely with President and Sister Day and work together to bring forth the Work of The Master. :) I love you, Elder Westover

Monday, December 1, 2014


Dear family... We had a baptism!! Brother Hu!!!! :) I have sent some pictures for this week to my blog, and because I don't have too much time, I just want to share a miracle or two. This week we had the Mission Leadership Council and we got to receive some training on Receiving Revelation from the Taiwan Taipei Temple President and his wife and also do a session and put into play what we learned. Everyone that was present learned a ton from on high, and will bless the whole mission :) The Church has invited us to use the "He is the Gift" initiative very intensely here and we have seen so many miracles. :) I want to share an experience that I had in Zhunan at the area that I was born in on exchanges with the zone leaders there. We were at the park and We maet a man and his daughter that were playing. We asked them if we could share the video with them on their cellphone and as we were watching it the little daughter was just reading the captions and after it showed all the pictures of Christ and his birth... she said, "He is the Son of God." "Ta shi shen de erzi"... Oh my goodness. I can't even tell you how wonderful that was to me to hear those words come from her mouth as she felt the Holy Ghost testify to her that Jesus is the Christ and is the Son of God. I know that God gave us a very great gift and it is His Son. :) go to and watch the video and share it!!! Invite everyone everywhere to come and discover the gift, accept the gift, and share it :) I love you!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Xinan # 75

Hello family! Hey I love you all so much. I am up here in Taibei and get to see the temple every day. We have an investigator (Brother Hu) that is doing really good here in this area and we are planning on him getting baptized this next week :) Please pray for him and another couple... (Brother Huang and Sister Wu) They are a couple that has been dating for 16 years. They need to get married. Haha, like really soon because Brother Huang is prepared, but just needs to get married so that they can be in harmony with the commandments of God ;) Law of Chastity. We have been prayerfully been preparing for their lesson with Brother Huang and we hope that Sister Wu will be able to feel that she can make that step :) I am so happy to be here and have the wonderful opportunity to serve so close to President Day. I have two companions right now (Elder Huang and Elder Weech). I'm being trained to take Elder Weech's place, so I'm gonna be going through alot of briefs and training. The most important thing that I have learned from the scriptures, my father, mother, brothers, sisters, mission leaders, church leaders, and fellow missionaries is that love is the most important key in being a leader. Please on top of all of the other prayers you are praying with my investigators... please pray that I can have more love to give to these missionaries. :) I just have to tell you. Really. You are so wonderful. I am so grateful for you and all the things that you have done for me in my life. There is a scripture that I love to share with the people here in Taiwan: "Cousel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day." (Alma 37:37) I know that God lives. He is our loving Father and there are so many blessings that he has waiting for us. I just want to invite you all to take some time. In your prayers, or take some time in your FHEs to continually be grateful that you may be "lifted up". Our loving Heavenly Father has given us many gifts and the greatest is our Savior. Ponder often that ultimate gift that makes all other gifts available. The Atonement :) I know that the Savior Jesus Christ Lives. He is the only way to return to Heavenly Father's presence and as we remember Him and express our gratitude and love to Him through obedience to His commandments and live the standard of parents, church leaders, and are good people, we are lifted up and will be happy :) Hurrah For Israel!!! Love, Elder Westover

Monday, November 17, 2014

Taoyuan # 74

Dear Family, Thanks to John and Rebekah and Sarah for the pictures :) I really loved to see the pictures of Grandma's funeral. There were many emotions in this weeks work. I am so happy just as mom said that Grandma is with her MAN. :) It's a joy. There were many miracles and some challenges this week. Brother Lu has rn into some problems with the Law of Chastity. Pray that he can come to know that there is no way to negotiate with God. These commandments are set and they will bless us if we keep them. Pray that my companion and I will be able to follow the Spirit as we meet with him this week to have the Spirit tell him why he must obey. Brother Jian hasn't answered our phone calls.... Brother Tu is doing awesome :) Super good. :) We hope that he will be able to get baptized on the 29th of this month or on the 6th of December. We met a Zhang Family this week and the dad really wants to change. :) Please pray that as they come to church that they will feel the love of the members. There is a senior missionary couple that is working in the office in Taibei that speaks Spanish and they came over here on Sunday to help teach the Hermana from Chile (mom and dad, have you skyped her yet??) that lives here and it was great! We had a fiesta at her house with the ward members that are her fellowshippers and it was just a great blast :) She is getting in with the family of the ward more and more. I'm leaving this week and I'm gonna be in Taibei near the temple. Super excited :) This week when I went into President Day's office for a renewal on my Temple Recommend and Ecclesiastical Endorsement to BYU he called me to be his assistant. Hahah.... I just had a huge dead weight in my stomach when he said it. Prayers are appreciated.... Thanks!!! hahah Love, Elder Westover

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Dearest beloved family, Hello. I have to say that I am so happy. I love Elder Bennion. Miracles are great.When we were out finding this week we had a day that we felt like we should look for a mom... We had just finished our lunch, called upon the powers of heaven to lead and were going to the place we had planned the night before to go find this mom, and we found her!! Haha!! So incredible!! Her name is Sister Yang. Her mother is a Christian in Southern Taiwan and she was pretty interested in the message we were sharing. We shared about eternal families and she said that her and her husband would come to church this next week!! They have a little boy 1 1/2 yrs. Next week we have the primary program, so I hope that they can come, as well with the other families that we find this week! Pray that we can find families!!! please :) Our investigator Brother Lu is not ready for baptism yet because he still needs a little time to quit the cigarettes. He has cut 10 cigs a day down to about 4. He is going good. :) we are praying for him and we are going to fast for him this week. This week he came to church in a suit :) He really wants to get baptized. We are going to go over to his apartment and read the scriptures to him as he works out :) haha we'll see how it works. Pray that the Spirit will strengthen him as we read the Book of Mormon with him to help him develop Faith in Christ enough to drop this habit of smoking. Brother Jason Jian is going pretty good! He set his own date for the end of December. Pray that he just as Brother Lu will be able to read the Book of Mormon and feel the Spirit testify to him that this is the true church. He feels the spirit at both his buddist temples and here, but we gave him the commitment to live the Word of Wisdom and quit smoking. :) Super excited to see the miracles that the Spirit works with him. Need your prayers!! We also have a new progressing investigator with a baptismal date named Brother Tu. He is super stoked to get baptized on 12/6 :) He loved church, and has started to read the Book of Mormon. He's eating it up and feeling the Spirit so strong every time he prays and comes to church :) The other day I was just looking at my New Year's Resolutions/ Personal Vision for this year, and I was thinking about it :) Haha I set the goal to make Satan afraid to even hear Elder Westover's name because of the courage and faith I have in Christ. I feel like I am really going through that sanctification of the Holy Spirit that is spoken of in Mosiah 3:19. As I am doing the "Remember This...", following the mission vision, being a "one-eyed missionary", and remembering to "Fear No Man". I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and the Great I AM. This is His church and I am His missionary. I'm gonna invite all people to come unto Him. I need not fear because He Lives. I know that because He lives, Families are Forever. Hurrah For Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Taoyuan # 72

Dear family, Hi... Hey... I really love Mom's little goblin (John) ;P Happy Birthday!!!! Thanks for your love, Maybe I'll see you in January... JK haha Anyway, This week was super great! I loved it. It's only been 4 or 5 days since I emailed you last so there isn't that much to talk to you about, but I am super excited to share with you that Brother Lu is doing great, and really wants to get baptized. :) Yesterday as we met with him and were sharing the commandments with him he just said, "these really aren't that easy, but they are do-able. And I know that this is a commitment that I need to make with Heavenly Father." We shared all the major commandments with him yesterday and he committed to quit smoking. We gave him a blessing after our lesson to give him more strength beyond his own, but please keep praying for him specifically that he can make this covenant with his Father in Heaven on the 15th :) I'll just list off the other people we are working with: Jackllyn, Jason, Mark, Sister Jiang, Brother Shen, Brother Tu, and the Jiang Family. Please pray that they can start progressing to baptism. I love you all so much. I have seen that the simple tools that Elder Richard G. Scott shared about in GC are true. Brother Lu said that as he has been praying, learning, spending time with ward members, and coming to church that he has felt more and more peace in his life. That is the promise that Elder Scott gave us. If we pray, study, have FHE, and go to the temple, we will develop stronger faith in our Savior, thus have an increased peace in our lives. I know that the Savior lives. Keep up the good work and be faithful to Heavenly Father and CTR Hurrah For Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover

Taoyuan # 71

Dear Family, I have a new companion!!!!!!!!!!I love being with Elder Bennion. He's from Bountiful UT and he is super great! A born leader. I was amazed to hear that he had never been called to a leadership position because he just seems like a natural. :) Our relationship is really great, and I really love going out finding with him because he just talks to everyone and we work really good together. We are super excited about the invite President Day has given the mission for each companionship to have a baptism in November and two in December. We're super stoked to work as Team Jesus to help each other and pray&fast for each other's investigators. Because this week has been super long.... I really can't remember too much about when I was with Elder Clyde, but we have seen a lot of miracles with Elder Bennion. When I was on exchanges with Elder Martin we were at the chapel about to do the language testing when a lady and her son walked in and asked us if they could have a Bible... hahah... we told them that we didn't really have any Bibles to give them, but we shared that we had a copy of the Book of Mormon that we could give them and we talked with them about why they wanted to read the scriptures. She said that her son had major depression disorder and he had asked if they could start reading the Bible, and she said that they were looking for a religion.... :) haha the most golden people I have every met in my life!!!!! We shared about the Savior and his role in our lives and specifically focused on her son. We shared very simply about our Heavenly Father and why he gave us Jesus Christ, and invited them to baptism. They set a date for December!!!! We are super excited for them! :) Then Elder Bennion and I were out contacting, and just got got done saying a prayer of faith and asked where we could go in the last 15 minutes before our other appointment, and we ran into a former contact from about 2 weeks before. The wind was super big and he had lost his helmet. He couldn't find it so my companion and I were just like..., "Have you said a prayer???", he said no... and so I asked him if he believed if God could help him find his helmet and get to his next appointment on time, and he said he did so we said a prayer, and went out looking for it, and we found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahah super small miracle, but he said that he would go to church this next week with the missionaries in Bade this week. :) Update!!!!! Brother and Sister Jiang: No opportunity to meet with them again, but Sister Jiang came to the Halloween party that we had for our English Class and she loved seeing the little ones all dressed up :) They are praying every once in a while. They don't have much time this month, but we are praying they will be able to meet more next month and can start preparing for baptism. Brother Lu: We met with him on Saturday afternoon again, he is super active in the YSA activities now!!! He actually set up a hike :) (he's gonna do great with a calling as a future priesthood leaders) He committed to read and pray daily and come to to Church :) the YSA members are doing really good of taking care of him and following up with him and asking him to share what he learns :) We had a lesson on the Law of Chastity in Gospel Principles and he confirmed everything he liked about it when we shared it with him before :) Keep praying that his desire will continue to grow and feel it's truth. Brother Burt Huang: Super great!! He has come to church 3 weeks in a row... hahaha, we finally got to meet with him, and he really wants to learn! Hopefully his wife will be willing to meet with us and him and that we can find some time other than right before church to meet with him so we can help him progress faster!!! Brother Qiu said that he would bring his son and daughter to church this next week!! :) Pray for them :) Brother Jian: Needs to know the power of the Atonement. Pray that he will be able to overcome his family opposition to baptism. I love my life :) I love being a missionary. I love the pains, I love the moments of joy, and I love this work. There is nothing more important than this work and the souls that are involved in it. All to bring to pass the will of the Father..... It's not always easy, but just bite the bullet, and fear no man. Nothing to lose!!!!! We can not fail. Invite: Read Alma 42 and ponder the power of the Atonement in your life. Hurrah for Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Taoyuan # 70

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! This week has been so great. Really. I feel like this week was just super awesome. I am super happy. I love serving with Elder Clyde. I really feel like he and I are doing really well here. The relationship that we have established with the ward and stake members here is great!! The Lord has been really merciful to provide us with so many opportunities to serve, minister with (unto), and love them. Update!!!!! Brother and Sister Jiang: No opportunity to meet with them but we are developing a better relationship with the members that introduced us to them. Brother Lu: We met with him on Saturday afternoon and taught him the commandments because right after conference he himself came up to us and said he wanted to learn what commandments were. That lesson went great, and then our member invited him to attend a YSA activity that night and he went. He loved it!!! Unfortunately we couldn't go with him because we had to go do a baptismal interview, but it was probably best that way. Anyway, I'm not even to the best part yet. He came to church the next day and was just awesome. We learned about Eternal Marriage, and the Celestial Kingdom... haha those are two really deep subjects and it was just awesome because there was a brotherin our Priesthood Meeting that shared for us to obtain that celestial glory it is absolutley necessary for us to make a covenant (baptism) with Heavenly Father, and after that class he came up to me and said... "I feel like I need to make a covenant." hahaha I had to ask him again because I thought I heard something wrong!! Hahah he had a baptismal date before, but he found out for himself that he should be baptized!!!!!! Sister Jackllyn Tang: Good, she is reading the Book of Mormon. She really wants to repent and change her life, but she feels hesitant because she still believes in Buddah. Brother Burt Huang: Super great!! He has come to church 3 weeks in a row... hahaha, we finally got to meet with him, and he really wants to learn! Hopefully his wife will be willing to meet with us and him and that we can find some time other than right before church to meet with him so we can help him progress faster!!! Thank you so much for your prayers!!!!!! I really do feel and see the strength that you pray for these people and me. I love you!!!!!!!! Hurrah For Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover

Monday, October 13, 2014

Taoyuan # 69

Dear Family and Loved ones, Thanks for the pictures everyone!!! It looks like Conference was awesome. Laci!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) hahahahah Today my report is going to be a little short, but I can say that I loved General Conference, and it was a total miracle week!!! Brother and Sister Jiang, Brother Lu, Sister Jackllyn Tang, and Brother Burt Huang all came to General Conference on Sunday!!!!!!!! The Spirit was so strong for them and they loved it. Thank you so much for your prayers. The power of prayer is so incredible. Seriously. Thank you so much. Just like I said last week. I can feel the prayers and I can see the miracles that come because of our faith in the Lord and His work. D&C 88:73 says, that the Lord will hasten his work in his time, and as we have been commanded to work in the hastening of The Work... He is doing it. I'll give you an update next week on the investigators and their status, but Thanks so much. I love you. This Conference I got alot of inspiration for my future family and I just want to thank mom and dad for doing everything you have ever done to teach me to use my priesthood, and become more like the Savior. “When all is said and done, the home is the ideal forum for teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.” -Tad R. Callister Hurrah For Israel!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover

Monday, October 6, 2014

Taoyuan # 68

Hello!! Happy birthday to all of you October babies :) I love you!! You're so great! This week the Taoyuan Zone went to Yang Ming Mountain just north of Taipei for our mission annual Outdoor Zone Conference, and it was super great! Beautiful. Our Heavenly Father is so wonderful. We received some special training from President Uctdorf (a recorded talk given in Hong Kong's recent Asia Area Mission President Conference) ;) on the bus ride up to the trail head. Fear No Man!! (3 Nephi 5:3) It was wonderful. The other training we gave and received was really great!! President Day talked to us about becoming fluent in the Language of the Spirit, the Language of Love. Super great week!! We didn't get to meet with the Jiang Family this week, but we will this Friday. I'll get back to you on them, but this week we found really great people and got to help some people start progressing. I'll give a quick report. I'd like to tell you that I feel the Spirit often remind me of you praying for me and my investigators, and I felt like I should give you a quick update on them and ask you to pray for them specifically and keep their needs in mind. Right now we are working with: Brother Jason Jian- come to church and be able to quit smoking. Brother Lu- is listening to the lessons again and is learning. Pray that the Spirit will soften him. Brother Burt Huang- Cool dad that we met this week on the road!! haha He is awesome. I met him at a stop light and asked him how he was, then after thinking about it he responded, "I'm really tired." and then that led into us pulling over and sharing the Restoration. He is really great!!! He came to church this week and loved it!!!!!!!!! Sister Jackellynn Tang- Met her one night right before we were going to go do an emergency exchange, but Elder Clyde listened to the Spirit to stay and share with her a little more right there. She is really wanting to change, and was really touched by the Spirit as my companion shared Moroni 10:32 with her and bawled as she said, "I am so imperfect, how can I become better?" Brother Zheng- he is the really golden guy that just stopped answering our calls after sharing the Word of Wisdom, but he set up again!!! We have had members calling him and encouraging him. I know that the Savior lives. I know that there really is no other name on this Earth that has power to change a man that His. I pray that you know that I love you. I love this work. He lives and has restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a living prophet for us in this age. Read the Book of Mormon. Daily!!!! You're missing out on so much if you don't!! I look forward to General Conference :) I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alot. Hurrah for Israel Love, Elder Westover

Monday, September 29, 2014

Taoyuan # 67

Hello family!!! Today is also a lot more short because of some busy stuff, but I'm alive :) The work here is going great!! We have finally met same neighbors of a member family (Jiang Family) here and invited them to start learning about the message of the Restoration and they accepted!!! They are middle-aged, have no children (yet), have a cute little dog, the Husband (John) likes to bike, and they are Awesome!!!! Sister Jiang came to church (John couldn't come because of work) this week and the topic was Eternal Families... :) She liked it and we are going to meet with them on Saturday, so please keep them in your prayers as well as the members of our ward that we can work with them to help the people in their lives recieve the Gospel. Enjoy Conference!!!! I won't see it for another two weeks, but... you all enjoy!! I love you all alot. like a lot, alot. :) Love, Elder Westover

Monday, September 22, 2014

Taoyuan # 66 with great pictures this week :)

Dear family and loved ones, I love being here. We had an awesome exchange with Elder McKay, and we had alot of "fanged" (stood up) appointments, and rejected as we went out with one of our members, but right as we were heading up to the train station to exchange, we had a quick time that we could find. We prayed about where we should go and asked for the Powers of Heaven to come down and lead us to the prepared. After that prayer, we went and talked to everyone, until we stopped and talked to one of the guys that was doing advertisement on the side of the road. His name was Yang Dx, and as we shared with him about the Savior and the baptism of remission of sins, he asked us, "If I wanted to get baptized, where would I go?" Hahah so amazing!!! He set a date for November, and was touched by the Book of Mormon. We shared about the Loving Heaveny Father that he has and the Plan that He has for us. I love Elder Clyde 'nuff said..... :) I love being a missionary. Specifically here in Taiwan. I have been thinking about it.... This week in one on my studies I studied how Christ ministered One by One, and it made me think of President Monson's talk this last Conference (Love-- The essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ) The first and greatest of the commandments of God is to Love Him and then to love our fellow men. As we love our Father in Heaven through Obedience to His laws and the covenants we make, we will be able to naturally love our fellow men, whom just so happen to be the Children of God also.... It's an Eternal Circle of LOVE that never ends :) Love, Elder Westover

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Taoyuan # 65

This week I'm just sending a picture, and Mission President's email, because I liked it alot... this was just our ward picnic and my companion caught a snap of me :) We have a golden investigator who just returned from China last week!! I'll share with you more next week, but pray for him... Brother Zheng. President's Email: Every person we see every day is not merely another human being. They are all immortals. They lived before they came to earth. They live here on this earth. And they will continue to leave after they depart this earth. Consequently, everyone we deal with is a fellow immortal in merely a mortal shell. Consequently, 0ur every interaction with each immortal can potentially have consequences far more reaching than what we see in this life. In our dealings with these fellow immortals, are we taking an eternal perspective of our daily actions? As we consider our individual immortality, do we weigh the consequences of our actions today and the influence it has on our salvation tomorrow? As we take this more profound perspective, we will become much more aware of and alive to the many possibilities for doing good that are present in life’s daily situations. Even the moments that seem ordinary are full of possibilities. In this regard, Elder Neal A. Maxwell provided some deep insight when he said: “We must look carefully, therefore, not only at life’s large defining moments but also at the seemingly small moments. Even small acts and brief conversations count, if only incrementally, in the constant shaping of souls, in the strategic swirl of people and principles and tactical situations. What will we bring to all of those moments small and large? Will we do what we can to make our presence count as a needed constant in such fleeting moments, even in micro ways? Do you and I not sometimes say appreciatively of individuals who have helped us, “They were there when we needed them”? Will we reciprocate?” In daily interactions which impact immortals and possess potential eternal consequences, we need to be even more sensitive to the Holy Ghost. Promptings for us to do good come from the Holy Ghost. These promptings nudge us further along the straight and narrow path of discipleship. The natural man doesn’t automatically think of doing good. It isn’t natural. Yet, these promptings enlarge our awareness of other people’s needs and then prod us to act accordingly. It takes faith to persist in doing good, especially when it is an action or effort perhaps only noticed by our loving Heavenly Father and his angels. Are we willing to remember our true identity—as immortals—as we seek to magnify our stewardships as divinely called disciples and representatives of Jesus Christ? Consider this example found in the New Testament: “And the angel of the Lord spake unto Philip, saying, Arise, and go. … “And he arose and went: and, behold, a man of Ethiopia, an eunuch of great authority under Candace queen of the Ethiopians, who had the charge of all her treasure, and had come to Jerusalem for to worship, “Was returning, and sitting in his chariot read Esaias the prophet. “Then the Spirit said unto Philip, Go near, and join thyself to this chariot.” Notice the significant language: “And Philip ran thither to him, and heard him read the prophet Esaias, and said, Understandest thou what thou readest? “And he said, How can I, except some man should guide me? And he desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him” (Acts 8:26–31; emphasis added). How many times are we too busy, out of touch with the Spirit, or distracted to “come up and sit” with someone who needs our help and who the Lord has actually prepared? You and I have divine promptings all the time encouraging us to do good, but we often ignore them instead of doing like Phillip, who “ran thither.” While we may not always be free to choose just when and how all of life’s interactions will occur, we are nevertheless free to choose our responses. We should base these choices on eternal principles that will bring God’s immortal children back to Him. Let us revise our thinking. Let us refocus our efforts. Let us have an eternal perspective in our earthly interactions which affect fellow immortals. Let’s assist more powerfully in bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Hurrah for Israel Love, Elder Westover!! the poem is a poem his companion wrote

Monday, September 8, 2014

Taoyuan # 64

Hello my loved ones!!.... Yeah... That's everyone. I don't care what color you are, where you are from, what you smell like, or what you do... I love you ( I <3 U) :P I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for His wonderful work. This week I got to go on exchanges with my trainer (Elder Hopper), and we saw so many miracles. The Spirit was super strong as we had many opportunities to serve the members and Testify of Christ. Elder Clyde and I are working really hard to find people to find, and we are working with the ward alot. Hahah our Ward Mission Leader came out tracting with us and it was super fun because he was just talking about how not easy it is to find someone to teach. The Lord really blessed us with the work we are doing with the Ward. We have a LA family (Liu Family) came to Church with their 16 year old LA son and it was good. : ) He is doing really good. Thanks for your prayers because Lu Dx came to church this week and the Lin Family came too, they rejected the invite to be baptized right now, but they still want to learn :) There is a light that is coming into their lives! :) Thanks for your prayers... It's going great here!! Missionary work is not easy. There are lots of stresses, and trials, but I have come to know some wonderful things that have brought me peace and hope to me in the times that I am low. It's two words... HE LIVES. I know that I have said that before, but I know that He Lives and there is nothing that can stop us from going forward. If He didn't live... there would be no purpose, but I know by the power of the Holy Spirit that Jesus is the Christ. He is the center of it all and through following his perfect example and striving to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can all get HOME. I'm going to the Celestial Kingdom, and I'm going to take as many people along with me. :) Have a great week this week. I love you all. I'm praying for you. Hurrah for Israel!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover

Monday, September 1, 2014

Taoyuan # 63

Dear Family, We had just eaten our dinner and were about to go exchange back and he had to go to the restroom. I took the trash and then I had to go to the bathroom too, so I went in and didn't see anyone in the urinal but the door to the only stall was closed, and I naturally thought it was Elder Broeder so I messed with the door, and then made some scary noises, and then started just talking to him.... but there was no response... I didn't think anything of it until I was washing my hands and saw Elder Broeder come out of the handicap stall right next to the men's restroom... Hahahahah Elder Broeder said my face was priceless, when I saw him come out of there!! I told him to wash his hands and we got out of there!! Luckily before the guy came out, hahah but I learned a lesson. Not to mess around. But it was so funny!!!!!!!!!! Recently all of our investigators are not really progressing. But I know the power of prayer!!! Please pray for Lin Family, Lu Dx, Wang Dx, Xu JM, and that the people of Taoyuan will have their hearts softened to hear the message of the Restoration. This week there were a ton of miracles!! So many, but I think the most wonderful was finding a potential through a service opportunity!! We go to service every week at the yang lao yuan, and I met a Chen Ama. She didn't like to talk at first and then we started to chat about her family and she opened up a little bit more. She then told me that her husband had passed away, and normally I would just say that I'm sorry to hear that and talk about something else, but I felt that I should ask her if she would want to see him again. She thought for a little bit and then she responded that she would. Then I shared with her the Plan of Salvation, sharing the pamphlet and sharing scriptures, and she was eating it up!! I can't wait to meet with her this week and see if we can help her understand more :) I really felt good at that time. She was so great! Even though she was hard to hear and understand I know that her spirit was eating up the things I was sharing and the Spirit touched her several times. I have started to read the Book of Mormon again!!! I love it, but this time I have a pencil in hand and I am writing the thoughts that come into my mind that testify of the doctrines in PMG and I am learning alot. I testify that the Book of Mormon will bring us closer to the Savior and if we are willing, it will help us overcome trials and heal scars that we new not even existed. Hurrah For Israel!!!! Love, Elder Westover

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Taoyuan # 62

Dear Family, Oh my dearest, beloved, beautiful Sarah and Tarah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZHU NI SHENG RI KUAI LE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 祝你生日快樂!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my twin sisters alot. jiu zhe yang. (just like that!) This week was great!!!!!! lots of things learned again. hahah We had a Zone Training and two exchanges and it was super busy. :) but Elder Clyde and I are doing really good. I am so blessed to have a Mission President, called of God who is inspired to help me and other missionaries become more converted to the Lord and to help those that we teach com e closer to the Savior. Presidetn Day has invited us to really focus on the attributes of Christ and to become more like Him. This has made me think about the following: Through out my mission, I have been with just the right companions. Some of them were a little disobedient, and lacked the desire, but I can say that those times I am truly thankful because they were the times that I really went through my own Gethsemane. Earlier this year we had an opportunity to have a Mission Conference and have Elder Holland speak to us, and he got right up in our faces and shared with us his bold, fiery testimony he shared with us that we should remember that we are no better than the Savior. He himself was scoffed and rejected. Took upon Himself every pain and sickness imaginable, and we can not expect that it will be any different. I have been called of to represent Him and so if I am really accomplishing my purpose, I praise my Father for every trial. For just one more opportunity to become like Him. We have a loving Father in Heaven. I know that for sure. Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh, findeth; and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened. Or what man is there of you, who, if his son ask bread, will give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father who is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? Ask. He will give it to you. :) Strive to keep your baptismal covenant of always REMEMBERing HIM. Love, Elder Westover

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Taoyuan # 61

I love you all. Miracles, miracles, miracles. So many wonderful blessings from the powers of Heaven. Peter Wang, miracle with Elder McKay, an awesome English Culture Activity, service, a wave of humility (naturally because I asked for it), and member miracles. Last, last Sunday Peter Wang, just randomly walked in and come to attend Sacrament Meeting. We went over on Monday, met him and shared the Message of the Restoration with him. He is 50 yrs old, likes to speak a little English, very excited to learn and said that he just feels that he has a great need for God in his life. We set up a follow, up for Wednesday after noon to go back and read the Book of Mormon with him, but it ended up that his father had some medical problems in Taibei and he had to cancel, but my companion told him to pray for his dad. He did and his dad was all good the next day!! Then to go on top of that... We walked out our door the next day to find that he was the new security guard at our apartment building!! Hahah, with his new work he has to work on Sunday. So he couldn't come to church this week, but in our visit yesterday night while we were sharing the Plan of Salvation he said, "If I feel these things are true, I will have no problem with finding work that will allow me to go to church." We are praying that he will feel and we are going to rip of the roof to help him prepare for baptism in September. Brother Lin hasn't drank for two weeks!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your prayers. We just need to have his baptismal interview this week and help his daughter prepare for baptism later this month! :) Elder Clyde and I had a period of time this week that was specifically hard to find. No one was wanting to talk, and so we just prayed. We prayed to do what he wanted us to do, and right as we finished there was someone who had broken down. Their battery went dead and was pushing their car back home. :) Elder Clyde and I were very happy and so blessed, at that moment I felt that God was so, so merciful because he gave us an opportunity to help one of our brothers. Even though he wasn't willing to listen, we got to push a car( it reminded me of pushing the sled at football... :D) and it led to us finding someone who was willing to be baptized about an hour later when we finally arrived back to where our bikes were parked. God's plan is so much better than anything we could put together. My exchange with Elder McKay was great! We had a fun time :) He is the one missionary in my generation that I have gone on exchanges with, ever. Haha. Anyway, it was good. It was super cool because we had a miracle member willing to come out that day with us to a lesson. When we got there it ended up being that the investigator went to Taoyuan, but the member, right after they said he wasn't there, asked the lady in the home if we could share with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahah wow. I was in awe.... It was a wonderful lesson. She was from Vietnam. She wouldn't set a baptismal date, but she said if she felt it was true she would be baptized. Super cool testimony to me and a learning moment for Elder McKay and I to always remember to be bold and ask (invite). One of the things Elder Clyde and I wanted to do this month was for every companionship to push for 20 total lessons, but I feel like I have been focusing on that too much the last two weeks. That's what I mean by the wave of Humility that hit me. The end of the week was really hard. We were talking to everyone, doing everything we felt that we should do. Praying mightily, and striving to be diligent, but we still didn't get the 20. I realized yesterday... it's not all about that. This month we are going to go with the vision that you and the Lord have set forth for us. We are going to use the Christlike Attributes to increase the conversion of every missionary. I really loved this: "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." (Matthew 24: 37-39) Love, Elder Westover

Monday, July 28, 2014

Taoyuan #60

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness :) There are so many things that happen in July every year! Happy birthday to Jared, Jacob, Enoch, Adelynn, Dad, and Olyvia. Happy Anniversary to Anna and Sid, and Joseph and Lisa :) Congrats to Brianna!!! :) This week was awesome!!! Haha, seeing as that we had no Weekly Planning session last week, I think it wasn't too bad! The Lord really helped us improve in bringing an ever increasing number of souls unto Christ. The Mission Vision for the next month is Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel. I'm super excited to see what the Lord will do here with us here as we sincerely desire to become like Christ and seek His guidance to change. This week we saw some wonderful things but the most awesome thing I think was a guy that we ran into two weeks ago on the street and last week we gave him a tour of the church and then this week we set a baptismal date and came to church!!!! :) He (Brother Zhang) is 54 and is just a good guy. He is really sensitive to the Spirit and loves to learn about Christ. He has a cool pipe that he smokes, but next time we meet with him we are going to teach him about the Word of Wisdom. Pray that he'll know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, and will have the faith to come unto Christ. Brother Lin is doing ok... It's been really hard to keep in touch with him daily. We do our best to send him a text when he doesn't answer, but because of his work ... he isn't always available. That Brother Yang... the one we found right after a prayer of faith that just had a little baby girl... his wife was there the last time we stopped by and we had a young man with us to share the First Vision. They haven't set a baptismal date yet, but the Spirit was really there very strong, and we will Follow up and love them. I love you all. You are so wonderful. so great, and I pray for each and everyone of you. My family, friends, fellow servants in the Lord's Vineyard, and anyone else (also counts as my friend). I want to testify that I know that God lives. I know that He is a true and living being that wants the best for us. He knows each and every one of us. He invites us all to come into His rest, through the Savior Jesus Christ. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and we can obtain the blessings of our Father in Heaven through the Priesthood. The Book of Mormon is a testament of the truth of this Restoration. Read it. Hold fast to it, and you can know for yourself. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Love, Elder Westover

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Taoyuan # 59

Brother Lin, the one that came to church with his whole family last week, was planning on getting baptized this week, but he can't because he drank tea. But that's no problem, because we are going to reset a baptismal date with him and reteach him as we teach his daughters :)!!!! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is best implemented in the home, and my companion and I feel really confident that this is the way to help him. His daughters grow and learn and encourage him to keep the Word of Wisdom... all so they can be together forever :) * Please pray for him. and for us as we seek inspiration to have good creative ideas to teach his daughters. So we had a lesson with a Liao Family (RC family) and we were really punctual with our plans that we made to teach and start finding. We went to an area that we both had felt good about in our prior planning sessions. We said a prayer and we felt really good about the house that was right in front of us as we were praying. There was a little boy playing on the phone and a mom washing clothes, and then a man sitting at a little table drinking beer. I looked at them and I wasn't really too sure, but Elder Clyde said that he thought we should talk to them. So we started with the little boy and he was too preoccupied... and the mom just completely ignored us, but before we talked to that man sitting down drinking beer, another man (Yang Dx) walked out and was super nice! He asked us to come in and sit down. And we shared with him about our purpose and about the plan of our Father in Heaven. He felt the Spirit and even though he rejected the invite to prepare for baptism and set a date, he said we could come back and share with him and his family. He was super special! Really wants to find and experience how the teachings of Jesus Christ can bless his family. :) That was a super wonderful miracle because it was the only person we found the whole week. We made some plans and set some goals of things that we were going to do to find the "Elect". Sometimes it really is "after the trial of your faith" (Ether 12:6) that you see the miracle, and find that ONE soul... I know that my Heavenly Father loves the people here in Taiwan and everywhere. :) That's it for this week :) Enjoy the pics :) There are so many people inTaibei! this is a picture of the city. His companion took it. pics to come...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Taoyuan # 58

Two weeks ago I got to go to participate in the MISSIONARY TSUNAMI! (a ton of extra companionships in one area doing nothing but finding 9 hours a day. I had the opportunity of participating in it So many miracles and a super great experience. Planted lots of seeds and hope the missionaries there are able to reap the fruits! :) the following is the report of President Day. He'll explain it clearer than I can :) haha. "MISSIONARY TSUNAMI The ancient prophet Abinidi declared: “And now I say unto you that the time shall come that the salvation of the Lord shall be declared to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.” Mosiah 15:28. In latter days, the Lord has renewed this prophecy through Joseph Smith, when he said: “And this gospel shall be preached unto every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people.” D&C 133:37 Today is the day when this prophecy is being fulfilled. Slowly and surely, nation by nation, missionaries enter and declare this gospel. This past week, the prophecy was being fulfilled by Taiwan Taipei Missionaries who participated in the July 2014 East Coast Missionary Tsunami. During this Tsunami, our mission was able to do the following: Total individuals contacted: 3256 Phone numbers obtained: 572 Copies of the Book of Mormon placed: 144 Set ups: 217 Lesson taught: 226 New investigators: 171 As a mission we exceeded our goals for the Tsunami. We had a goal of having 110 new investigators for the zones on the East Coast. We exceeded that goal by 61 new investigators. Now the goal is to have effective follow up on each name. The Assistants will be helping us with that, as well as all zone leaders and district leaders. There are some key things that need to be recognized as part of this Tsunami effort. First, we need to recognize the companions who remained in the Taipei and Taoyuan areas to keep their respective proselyting areas alive and on fire. Without these missionaries staying and effectively covering two areas for 4 days, the Tsunami could not take place. These missionaries were absolutely critical to the Tsunami effort and we are grateful for their efforts. They are as much a part of the Tsunami effort as those who traveled to the East Coast. Second, we need to recognize those involved in the planning and logistics which made this happen. Thank you to the Assistants, Temple Sisters, Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, local church leaders and members who planned, coordinated, scheduled, called, exchanged, peike’d, and did a variety of other things to help the Tsunami flow smoothly. Third, thank you to the 28 missionaries who left their own areas to travel to TaiDong, YuLi and Hualien for this incredible event. Going out to find, find, find…..And that is exactly what they did. The Lord has stated: “Behold, I will hasten my work in its time.” D&C 88:73. That time has come. Thank you for participating in the hastening." Had a bunch of awesome miracles this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Our investigator (Lin Dx) brought his two daughters and "friend" (Ding JM) to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They all loved it and they are going to come next week too. He is progressing well!! He fasted last week and hasn't drank tea or coffee for a week!! Remember that one older lady in Xinzhu??!?!?! Sui JM. Well last week at the temple I ran into my baby Elder Willes and he told me that she finally came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) She is going to be baptized some day, I know it. When I was on exchanges this week, we had just finished eating lunch, walking out the door, on our way to an appointment with an LA when I said "Hello, how are you today?", to a man (Eric Yang Dx) just standing in the door way... he responded back in English and we kept on talking to him. He was having some women problems......... hahahah .... after a minute or two I was afraid he was interested in just the English, but because we were in a hurry and didn't have alot of time, I just asked if we could meet with him later that day at the chapel and give him a look at the chapel... he accepted. He actually came and really has some wonderful desires!! He set a date for August 8th and we will see him tomorrow to share the restoration. :) Last week we got to go to the temple and serve there for 4 hours!!! so good..... awesome. We are seeing some wonderful things with little opportunities to serve our members!!!!!!!!! just little opportunities, but it's gaining their trust :) I've been working on the attribute of patience... patience with myself, and love and patience for those that I meet. I've been praying for that and I am having lots of opportunities to do learn about that now. The Lord will give to those that ask. Love, Elder Westover Hualian!!!!!!!!!!!! :) The East Coast!

Taoyuan # 57

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so much news from everyone! Congrats to John and Yumiao on the engagement!!!! Congrats to Jared and Laci on the baby!!!!!!!!! Congrats to Joshua and Katie on the callings!! I am so happy. I love it! I feel more and more like the promise of him that looses himself in His work will really find himself. When Elder Holland came to talk to us, he said that if we give it all we have for Him and are completely ALL IN, we won't go home unless it's on a stretcher... so Plan on seeing me come out of terminal on a stretcher because it's all on the feild!! I really have received so many blessings. I have so many things that I would have to be like Enos and pray for a day and a night and a day to list it all out, but I just want to share with you a few miracles. This week we met with an investigator (Lin Dx) that has been having some problems with the drinking tea and coffee, but as we were having our WPS a few weeks ago we had the feeling that fasting would be good for him. Last Monday we shared with him about the fasting and Saturday night we started the fast together. It was super great. He gave a wonderful prayer and the next day it was incredible... in our Gospel Principles class he received some inspiration as to how he can quit and the things he needs to do to accomplish it!! He set another date for July 26th and we will work with him and love him and help him "Come unto Christ". that's it! Love, Elder Westover

Monday, June 30, 2014

Taoyuan # 56

Family and friends!!! Ashlyn Bishop is going to Chile!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (Dad, you can call her up!) Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) My favorite holiday of the year... please eat alot of Watermelon for me!!!!!!!!! This week was awesome!! It's a little more busy in it's own way being a zone leader, but today it's going to get a whole lot better, because we are going to clean our apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're going to make it a house of order, and follow the instructions in D&C 109 to establish a house of God. And after we do it this week we are going to invite everyone in our zone to do it next week :) I'm super excited. We met a young man (Chi Dx) who recently broke up with his girlfriend and has been wanting to really know the Christian God, and it was really great!! He has started to pray daily and read the Book of Mormon a little, and even though he was late to sacrament meeting... the good thing is that he came!! :) It's so wonderful to see how great God is when we, his children, are willing to act on simple things, how much better His way is. He can give us more peace and happiness if we just do! :) We are excited to see him progress. He's going to China soon for the summer, but we will work with him to be baptized in August! :) Yesterday we were attended a meeting with the Stake President and it was really great! Elder Clyde and I were thinking it would be really good if we could meet with him and see what it is that we can do as a zone to get on board with what plans they have here in the Stake and it was exactly what we wanted. We got a copy of every ward's mission plan and set some good foundations of trust with the Stake Presidency. Something I really love most about President Cai is that he has a vision of doing missionary work through the Spirit of Elijah. He was sharing and I was reminded about the "My Family" pamphlet that we have all been invited to do, and I just thought about how that would be able to help me and my zone be able to come more like the "one-eyed missionary". I've set a goal to complete it this month and as I do so and seek to know my ancestors, I'll have their help, and I'll be able to have more ability to work through the Spirit of Elijah to find those who will receive the Savior, through their ancestors, and Hasten the Work of Salvation of helping investigators, RCLAs and members go to the temple :) I know that there is a loving Father in Heaven who loves us. He has restored the priesthood upon the earth in this age for us to return to him and it is only through that power by which we are able to return to our heavenly home and live together forever. :) The Church is true, the book is blue, and ta shi women de jiu shu zhu HURRAH for ISRAEL Love, Elder Westover Ps- Joseph... Rudy Lin says hello! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Xinzhu # 55

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY :) I love you all. This week was super great! Just like every other week :) It was pretty hard to start out because our phone was stolen and really as far as like lessons and all that... we got "fang-ed" (stood up) a lot through out the week, but we were able to see some wonderful miracles. Shi Dx came to church again this week!! :) He sacrificed watching the World Cup- England Vs. Italy game with his family to come to church :) We're excited to see him prepare to get baptized on July 5th. Probably the most wonderful was our very last lesson of the week. It was with a lady (Cherry) that we met on the side of the road and set a baptismal date then, but because of work she had no time to meet, but we finally set up with her and she is so great!! She had some wonderful questions and the best part was just that when my companion was sharing the First Vision and she said that it sounded like baby's (Elder Willes') Chinese is so good!!... after we asked our peike (member present at the lesson) to share their testimony, she asked, "How can I know if it's true?" :) Super cool. She is a super prepared soul that knows what is truth when she hears it and is willing to seek. Then on Friday night we had gotten "fang-ed" again and we were just having a hard time because of the lost phone and just super stressed, but we decided that we were going to say a prayer and just follow the Spirit to help us know where to go. The night before we has felt like we should look for two new souls and we specifically prayed that as we just listened and followed the promptings of the Spirit that we would find those two prepared souls. Well... We just rode and really prayed the whole time and asked continually who was prepared and finally we were riding on a side street and saw a dad (Leo), a mom (Sandy) and a son (Jeffery). I felt really good about them and just had a little clear though that just said, "this is the two prepared souls." We used the English Class approach and found out that the father had been a former about two years earlier and had just not let his family meet with the missionaries... he actually shared with us how he kinda didn't really like his job, and Sandy asked some other really good questions. We shared with them about how their family could be together forever through baptism and asked if we could come to their house and share with them about the Plan of Salvation and answer their questions. So great!!! :) They're ready!! We didn't have any time to share with them right there because the Sisters were waiting for us to go do a baptismal Interview for one of their investigators , but we're really excited to get them to know some members and come to church :) I love this work. I'm super sad that I will probably move this transfer, but we have a ton of member visits set up this week! I'm so sad to hear about the passing of dear Sister Bracamonte. I send my love to Brother Bracamonte and the family. I'm praying for you all. I loved her so much!! She sent me so many little notes and cards regularly. I'm so grateful that through the Savior and His Atonement we can be together forever. All of us!!! We'll be a big happy family!! Oh man. That will be such a happy day. :) I love you :) HURRAH for ISRAEL!!! Love, Elder Westover

Monday, June 9, 2014

Xinzhu # 54

Oh boy!! I don't even know what to do. Please forgive me because I really don't know whether anything that I say makes any sense or not, because I some times just think in Chinese and things just don't make any sense. Haha :) I feel like I'm getting so old... I have been in Taiwan for over a year now, and now I've been here in Xinzhu for 7 months and I'm pretty sure that the next transfer in two weeks I am going to leave my "baby" (Elder Willes) and I'm gonna be really sad because I absolutely love Xinzhu!!! The Ward is super awesome and the people... I just love them here in this part of the Island... I don't know that I can move anywhere else!! Well, that's in like two weeks. I'll wait for my sobs then :P I'm going to give you an update on the people that we're working with: Shi2 Di4 Xiong1- Has completely quit tea and coffee!!!!!!! (Thanks for prayers) Taking a class that is on Sunday, so he is not able to keep the Sabbath right now, but the great thing is that it ends in two weeks. He's reading the Book of Mormon everyday and is converted to it! He actually shared with us that his father appeared to him in a dream one night after he prayed about the Book of Mormon and told him to read it! He said that his father was just dressed up in white and was super happy :) We are looking forward to seeing him be baptized on July 5! Huang2 Di4 Xiong1- Still working on the cigarettes with him... Actually Elder Willes and I feel that we really aren't going to push him to get baptized now, because he is about to start his mandatory military service (I've heard alot of people just go less-active after they go into the military) but we are still working with him. We feel really good about the way that he is progressing. He slept in this week after we called him for church, but he can still do it! Please pray for us as we seek the best way to help him have faith and start acting on quitting the smoking. (RC) Zhou1 Chang2 En1- He came to church wearing his white shirt and tie for the second time in a row, and this time he brought his little brother to church!! :) His little brother wants to meet with us and take the lessons!!! :) So excited about that because Chang2 En1's mom and sisters are all members but Less Active, so I am so happy that they will have each other to stay on the path of Righteousness leading to the Tree of Life :) (RC) Habip & Chen2 Ya3 Yi1- They are doing super great!! :) Habip has a member teaching him how to write a computer program and helping him look for a job (Pray that he can find a job!!!) , and Chen2 Ya3 Yi1 had a wonderful experience. She really has been wanting to obtain an answer about whether she should be baptized for a while and hasn't been getting an answer, but this week more specifically they have run into some family challenges and some things with work and she just prayed that she could get an answer to help her and she opened the Book of Mormon to Mosiah 3 and read verses 1-8 and had an overwhelming feeling come as she read King Benjamin's testimony and prophesy of Christ's purpose and mission. :) Super great! We are praying that Habip can find a job so that she can quit hers and find another one that will allow her to go to church and keep that commandment. :) There is so much to be grateful in this world. I specifically want to just say that I am so grateful for my two wonderful parents and 11 awesome older brothers and sisters whom have set inspiring examples for me and have taught me of the Savior. I am grateful that I can come here and proclaim the message of a loving Father in Heaven who has provided a Plan of Happiness to give us peace and joy in this life and to have those blessings through out eternity. I have a testimony of God answering prayers. 3Nephi 18: 19-20. Draw upon the powers that our Heavenly Father is just waiting to give us. I'm praying for all of you and am so grateful for the love and prayers that you send my way and in the way of my investigators. Love, Elder Westover Yeah... We went Golfing with Wu2 Baba (High Preist's Group Leader) ***pictures to come.

Xinzhu # 53

This week is just a little more short. I really don't have much time because we went to Costo...... :) but I just wanted to show you a picture of our baptism this week!!!!!!! We baptized a Turkish brother in Taiwan!! Only in this work and through a Loving Father in Heaven can this happen. Because no matter where we live, what kinds of needs we have or what questions we have, it's all answered by the steps of faith and the testimony of the Holy Ghost. The Lord will do anything for His children.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Xinzhu #52

Christina!!!! Happy Birthday!! :) I love you all.. You're all so great!! Thank you all so much for your prayers for Habip and all of our investigators. Habip wasn't baptized this week but he is going to on Thursday this next week. :) His wife (Chen Ya Yi) should follow soon after :) pray that she can find some other work so that she can Keep the Sabbath Day Holy. Habip is doing so great!! He is on his 5th day straight of not smoking and he is doing really good! We had a really short powerful lesson with him last Wednesday and we continue to pray for him. Really tried to "Rip off the roof" by telling him right at the end of our lesson to give me his cigarettes and I took it home and threw all the cigs away and took the box and covered it with pictures of Christ and filled it with rolled up strengthening scriptures of Faith and about the Atonement. Then while I was on exchanges my companion followed the Spirit by being persistent with the message of the restoration to a man that was not very nice, by asking him about the questions of the soul on the restoration tract and the guy ended up calling us up the next day and asked if we could meet with him at the church. This man's name is Huang Dx and he is super great! We called a member to come over to the chapel with us and we gave him a chapel tour. He felt the Spirit as the member testified of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he committed to a date on 6/21! He is about to go to dang1bing1, but he really is great! Then those three brothers that we found... haha, the wife and two little girls of one of them is moving down here from Taibei so we will be able to share with them as a whole family next week!! We also were at the church building on Thursday night and six college students walked in wanting to know more about the Church. It was specifically for a class, but they were all willing to learn more, and read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. :) Super great! It was really great! They are all going to keep meeting with the other missionaries in the other ward. :) I love you all. I am called of the true and living God. I am a representative of His Son Jesus Christ to bring the people of Taiwan unto Him and enable them to obtain Eternal Life. HURRAH For ISRAEL!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover

Monday, May 19, 2014

Xinzhu # 50

This week has been wonderful. Seeing wonderful progress in our investigators in overcoming challenges and repenting, and having an awesome Stake Conference with our Mission President in attendance. In our own area Elder Willes and I have seen many wonderful miracles, one of which was our Turkish investigator, Habip, really working hard to repent and rid himself of the addiction he has to cigarettes.He currently is really striving to get over, and is doing really great!! We shared the Word of Wisdom with him two weeks ago, and he has dropped from one box a day to 3 a day by Sunday at Church. His baptismal service is this Saturday and he really wants to be baptized on that day! We have plans to meet with him every day this week and to keep him busy. We are going to do service with him and help by reading the Book of Mormon with him and watch the Finding Faith in Christ video with him. His baptismal interview is set up for Friday. Please pray for him!!! We also had a very special experience with following the Spirit and finding three yuan2 zhu4 min2 (kinda like the Taiwanese Native American) brothers. It was Wednesday night and we had just gone through all the steps of the planning guidelines up to the finding step and I just sat and pondered. I asked Heavenly Father where he felt that we should go to find the lost sheep, and I just felt that the first place I thought of was the best. So we planned to go there. Thursday night, we went to that place and we were getting rejected right and left... nothin'. We got about to thirty minutes to the time that we needed to go to our scripture discussion class at the church, and my companion said a wonderful prayer to allow us to do the work that he would have us do at that time and in that place. We went and another 20 minutes later we were in an apartment building that someone had left the door open to so we were on the second floor and I was just thinking... am I doing this right? What are we doing that is not right to allow us to find the souls that are prepared to accept the gospel? And I had a comforting feeling that just told me that we should just keep going. So we went to the third floor, and knocked on the second door, it opened and there were these three yuan2 zhu4 min2(native)... They let us in and we had a wonderful lesson. They had some really good questions and we told them that we would like to study their questions and then come back the next day and share with them the Message of the Restoration, and they happily accepted :) I know that the power of revelation and prophesy is possible as we follow the instructions and teachings that we are given in PMG and following the Mission Vision. Being obedient and keeping covenants will bring the Spirit of the Lord of the Vineyard in the work. We also met a girl on the road yesterday and set a baptismal date with her! Her English name is Cherry Lee. She really doesn't speak good English, but she was very nice. The lesson was great! Elder Willes is so amazing with his Chinese for just being out for 2 months, but I felt the most wonderful thing this week... it really is all about our desire to find those that our Heavenly Father has prepared... Have pure love... Charity. A distinct desire to be a tool in the hands of the Lord to invite people unto Christ. Then the Spirit comes and works with you. Smithsons, Bracamontes, Graifs, Westovers, Halls, Meyers, Browns, and everyone. Thank you for your notes and letters, and packages. :) I love you all. Thank you so much for your prayers. Love, Elder Westover

Monday, May 12, 2014

Xinzhu # 49

Oh my... I really can't believe how fast the time is flying by...... It's so crazy. Brigg and Gunner are turning 14 and are starting to go to Stake Dances! Oh man, I remember playing with you boys and making you run around the house and tripping you on the carpet of grandma and grandpa's house and you would just grin and laugh and run around again, and then I'd do it again!! :P It's really incredible :) So Happy Birthday to you two "shuai ge men" (handsome) guys :) And a Happy Anniversary to Rebekah and Jesse!! It was really good talking to Mom, Dad, Vicki, Christina, Jared and Lacy this week and just know that I love the rest of you just as much :) This week was awesome because our Investigator from Turkey and his wife set baptismal dates and are both working toward those dates!! :) Then there were three members who brought their friends and family to church :) So great!!! I really don't have too much time this week, but I just want to share with you my testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. There is nothing more that I am sure of than that. Even as I live I know that he is a real being and through Him we are able to return to the Father and be welcomed into His Kingdom. 3 Nephi 5:13. Love, Elder Westover (Jordan)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Xinzhu # 48

Happy Mothers Day!! To all of you wonderful women in my life... I love you and am so grateful for you. I won't be there to give you a rose and a hug or anything, but know that I love you and I know that because of our Savior Jesus Christ we can be together forever. Moms are my Heros. Especially my mom though :D I am loving the work here. We had a baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 6 month dry font for our area is over!!!!!!! Zhou Chang En will be great in the church. He has been ready for 6 months and is finally on the path!! I'm going to do the best that I can to make sure that he is going to get to the temple! Elder Willes is super good. I am so happy to work with him. He makes me better and keeps me accountable. I have actually been able to see the change that has happend in me and in my nature since I was trained... I remember just little things that my trainer would do that made me kinda mad, and i would occasionally get mad at him... now I have learned that I should love everyone and always remember that I can't control other people and the things they do, but I can decide whether I will just change myself to love the things they do. It makes things easier. :) I love it. Thank you so much for all of your prayers!! Love, Elder Westover I'll send pictures next week... I'm having some mishaps with the computer this week....

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Xinzhu # 47

This week was so wonderful. I can definitely tell you that, but as far as the specifics I don't know that I could be very specific... :P We had a little longer of a week this week because we went to the Taipei Temple today which was a wonderful experience and was full of learning, and enlightenment. So what I'm trying to get at is that I really don't know what to share about the last week. But The last two days have been full of great stuff. We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders and I got to go to Zhu Dong which is the first area Joseph served in. It was cool! I got to minister unto the same people that my brother ministered to and invite them to come unto Christ. I learned alot and was humbled alot. I have alot more that I can do as a leader to make sure I am really truly helping the missionaries in my district also come closer to Christ and become the best they can do. I learned that making plans to lift, inspire, encourage and bless the lives of those that the Lord has so much strength. Wingin' it is possible, and it may work, but the thing I learned is that when there is a plan and a follow-up to help them really go and do has helped me think of how I can be a great father to my children. To make sure that they are always improving. Inviting and encouraging them to go forward and see how much potential they have when they obey the commandments of the Lord and become better. I'll give you a little update on our investigators... Shi Dx- set a baptismal date for May 24 and said we could meet with his family!! :) He's so great. He has some problems with the tea part of the Word of Wisdom, but we are really trying to help him overcome that through the Book of Mormon and his Testimony of it's truthfulness. We need help from both sides of the veil for this one :) Sui JM- she is reading and praying and really is developing faith in Christ. It's really growing!!! Thanks so much for prayers. She is wonderfully progressing and the light of Christ is just glowing in her eyes every time we see her now. She loves the feeling of the members caring about her and the big family here. She is truly having a change of heart and I pray that she can actually come to church this week. She has always had some stuff come up with family that has not allowed her to come... pray that she can come and never leave again!! :P Zhou Chang En- He is getting baptized this week!!! finally! He has been ready to be baptized since I got here in Xinzhu but because of things with some family members he has not been able to. He has a burning testimony and is so ready. Pray that the Young Men will love him and get him into the flow of things smoothly to help him get to the temple!! Habip (Turkish) and Chen JM (wife)- They are doing good!! Habip received a very strong confirmation of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon this week and we pray that as we help him with cigarettes he will use the strength of the Savior to overcome that challenge and prepare to be baptized. Lee JM and her son (Tu Dx)- came to church and are reading the Book of Mormon... They are not really clear on our purpose of helping them be baptized, but that is a small thing :) haha. Pray that as we go over there tomorrow that we can have the Spirit to help them make the goal of entering the waters of baptism and following the example of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your prayers. You're so great. I'm praying for you. I'll send pictures next week!! Hurrah for Israel!! Love, Elder Jordan Westover

Monday, April 21, 2014

Xinzhu #46

This week was a wonderful week. There were so many good things that happened this week. We had an Area Seventy, Elder Larry Wilson, and his wife came and they gave us some wonderful training on using the Book of Mormon in our proselyting efforts. I want to invite you all to read the 1 Nephi Chapter 1 again and pay attention to how many similarities there are between it and the story of the restoration..... It's super awesome!! We have been invited as a whole mission to use that as a way to review the 1st Lesson and to help our investigators get a hold on the Iron Rod from the very start... Also... Ask your missionaries in your ward if there are any investigators that you can read the Book of Mormon with once a week. That is one of the most important things for a lasting conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ... Help some one get that habit of Holding Fast to the Iron Rod!! I don't know if you still remember that Ye Dx from awhile back, but we had a feeling to go over to his home to visit him again. (It's been about 2 1/2 months since he told us he didn't want to meet). Elder Willes wanted to go try him again and as we pulled up right as I was knocking the door I looked in the front door and saw him with a tube in his nose and he had had surgery.... he came and answered the door, allowed us to come in and it hurt me so bad to see him the way he was. He had stopped meeting because he was not willing to quit tea, and I have no idea whether the surgery he had had anything to do with his tea drinking, but they cut a hole in his throat and feed him through his nose... I felt so much love from our Savior as we read 3 Nephi 17:7-8 with him and offered to give him a priesthood blessing. Although he could not speak I asked him to pray and speak intently with his Father in Heaven about what his hopes were and to express his faith in Christ to help him have strength in this time. It was one of the most wonderful times I have had on my mission and the time on my mission that I have felt closer to the Savior. I felt an overwhelming love for Ye Dx and the Atonement heal, and sanctify us. I testify that we have loving Heavenly Father who is hearing all of our prayers. I testify that Jesus is the Christ and He is our Savior and Redeemer. We are saved through the Atonement of Him and are obligated to keep His commandments. If we come unto Him we will find rest and peace in this life and obtain Eternal Life. Hurrah for Israel!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover

Monday, April 14, 2014

Xinzhu # 45

Happy Birthday Rebekah Jane and Savannah!! :) love ya'll!!! :) You're all great. I really don't have too much time this week, but it's going great! The miracles!! :) So many :) all that have to do with families!! We found a lady that was waiting for daughter to come home on the bus. Her name is Yang JM. She was wearing a very unique hat, and she also had another daughter with her at the time, but we started to share with her about the restored gospel and how it can bless the families through true principles and a living prophet and we asked for her phone number so that we could find a time to share with her husband and the family... she wouldn't do it. Tried another time... she kept on going on about how her husband would probably not want to listen and all this stuff, and I had a feeling to show her my family picture. I pulled it out and she was amazed!!! She could not believe that my mother birthed 12 children, and she started to cry. She then just told me that I was lucky to have that big of a family. She loves children and wants the best for her children. I then testified to her the truthfulness of the message our Heavenly Father has given us, His children, and again asked for her number. She accepted the invite. She read it with her husband and we called and set up a time to go over next Sunday!! So Wonderful!! :) I love sharing with families!! It's not going to be easy, but it's definitely hastening the Work of the Lord. :) Our mission is super focusing on the Book of Mormon to help our investigators and less active members feel the Spirit and become more converted. It has been incredible to see the strength of the Spirit in all of our lessons as we share the message of the Restoration, and I have been able to take the invitation in Moroni 10:3-5 and have had the Spirit reconfirm to me the truthfulness of the Gospel. I know that a family established on the teachings of the Book of Mormon and reading together daily will be able to obtain a greater peace in life only attainable through Faith in Christ. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Kingdom of God on Earth. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Hurrah for Israel!!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover

Monday, April 7, 2014

Xinzhu # 44

:) I love the missionary life. There is nothing more wonderful. :) We've already seen some wonderful blessings and miracles from reading the Book of Mormon with all the people that we teach. Elder Willes is an awesome missionary!!! His language is seriously so incredible. He is just a hard worker. Not afraid to mess up, and is a very humble kid. I am so blessed for the Lord to give me such a wonderful son. We saw many miracles and have a lot more investigators progressing toward baptism. One incredible miracle I want to share is of our investigator named Sui JM. She is about 65 years old and she has such a sweet spirit. She has a 94 year old mother who she cares for everyday, and she has some physical problems, and then also in our lesson we found out that she had a little brother who passed away in a car accident awhile ago. We and our two peikes sang Families Can Be Together Forever for her, and she was tearing up. There was such a strong, wonderful feeling that came into the room as the Spirit testified to her the truthfulness of those words. We shared with her the Plan of Salvation and invited her to be baptized. She has not accepted a baptismal date yet, but she will get it. She wants her daughter to learn the Gospel with her, so we will get them this week on track get baptized them as a family!!! Another one is about Habip and his wife... Haha, he is from Turkey and is a Muslim. He met his wife online 4 years ago, and just moved here about two months. He does not speak any Chinese at all. Originally a less-active invited us over to ask us to teach him Chinese, and then we shared with him what our real purpose was and he felt it. As we testified of the strength and peace that we receive through the Atonement, he felt the Spirit speak to him and testify of Christ's love. He even had a dream of himself getting baptized!!! So incredible!!! His wife and him use English to communicate and he has only been speaking for 3 months!! He is really good for only three months. Haha I think the most wonderful miracle is is just that We are so blessed. The members are so good (Bishop Huang just started a Preach My Gospel class for all the leaders of the auxiliary leaders to attend during Sunday School) and their getting better!!!!!! :) The Work is Hastening, and it's not going to stop. :) Hurrah for Israel!!!!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover This is he and his baby, and a visit to Costco. :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Xinzhu #43

So I am officially a dad. :) And thank you so much for your prayers because I'm still in Xinzhu with my Trainie. He got here last Wednesday Night and I got him on Friday. Elder William Willes (sounds like Willis) is from Bountiful, UT and is such a wonderful missionary. Like stellar!! It's crazy how they just get better and better!! We have seen a ton of miracles and are learning so much!! One of the miracles is just that after another companionship's baptism that we were asked to attend, I asked Elder Willes what he felt like we could do on the list of Finding Ideas in our planner, and we both decided that it would be good to invite people to come to church. So after a very sincere prayer we went out! We talked to three people, and on the fourth we talked to a woman who was willing to come!! She couldn't come this week but committed to us as Representatives of Christ that she would come next week! It was so good. for only being our 4 days, my companion is awesome with his Chinese, and we are going to continue to see miracles through our faith and Help 5 souls be baptized this transfer! :) This week was alright until I got my baby boy (Elder Willes)... and then it got a whole lot better!!! He is so great! I am learning so much with him so much, and it's only been 4 days! Haha. He has got so much faith and is so excited to be working to help them according to their needs and build a testimony. His Chinese is so good. It's so much better than mine was when I got here, and I know it's because he is such a hard worker. He really has a great desire to help these people obtain a testimony of the truthfulness of our Father's Gospel and develop faith in Christ. He is not scared to invite to baptism and is super willing to get into everything. We took the opportunity to kneel down on Saturday morning and ask Heavenly Father what he sees happening in this area with in the next transfer and we feel that He would like us to specifically work really hard on working with the ward to accomplish our ward mission plan. The goal is to get our area caught up with our baptisms for the year. We would like to help 5 people receive the blessings of baptism and establish good footings for the rest of the year. We are still working on our plan, but Heavenly Father has given us the vision, and we are going to go forth as Nephi with faith and follow the teachings of the prophets in the scriptures and PMG, and seek the guidance of the Spirit by being exactly obedient. Happy belated Birthday to Savannah, and Laci!! I love you!!! :) The next family that goes over to visit Grandma Dixie... Give her a hug for me, and tell her I love her. Jia You!!!! Hurrah for Israel!! Love, Elder Westover