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Taipei Taiwan

Monday, July 14, 2014

Taoyuan # 58

Two weeks ago I got to go to participate in the MISSIONARY TSUNAMI! (a ton of extra companionships in one area doing nothing but finding 9 hours a day. I had the opportunity of participating in it So many miracles and a super great experience. Planted lots of seeds and hope the missionaries there are able to reap the fruits! :) the following is the report of President Day. He'll explain it clearer than I can :) haha. "MISSIONARY TSUNAMI The ancient prophet Abinidi declared: “And now I say unto you that the time shall come that the salvation of the Lord shall be declared to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.” Mosiah 15:28. In latter days, the Lord has renewed this prophecy through Joseph Smith, when he said: “And this gospel shall be preached unto every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people.” D&C 133:37 Today is the day when this prophecy is being fulfilled. Slowly and surely, nation by nation, missionaries enter and declare this gospel. This past week, the prophecy was being fulfilled by Taiwan Taipei Missionaries who participated in the July 2014 East Coast Missionary Tsunami. During this Tsunami, our mission was able to do the following: Total individuals contacted: 3256 Phone numbers obtained: 572 Copies of the Book of Mormon placed: 144 Set ups: 217 Lesson taught: 226 New investigators: 171 As a mission we exceeded our goals for the Tsunami. We had a goal of having 110 new investigators for the zones on the East Coast. We exceeded that goal by 61 new investigators. Now the goal is to have effective follow up on each name. The Assistants will be helping us with that, as well as all zone leaders and district leaders. There are some key things that need to be recognized as part of this Tsunami effort. First, we need to recognize the companions who remained in the Taipei and Taoyuan areas to keep their respective proselyting areas alive and on fire. Without these missionaries staying and effectively covering two areas for 4 days, the Tsunami could not take place. These missionaries were absolutely critical to the Tsunami effort and we are grateful for their efforts. They are as much a part of the Tsunami effort as those who traveled to the East Coast. Second, we need to recognize those involved in the planning and logistics which made this happen. Thank you to the Assistants, Temple Sisters, Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, local church leaders and members who planned, coordinated, scheduled, called, exchanged, peike’d, and did a variety of other things to help the Tsunami flow smoothly. Third, thank you to the 28 missionaries who left their own areas to travel to TaiDong, YuLi and Hualien for this incredible event. Going out to find, find, find…..And that is exactly what they did. The Lord has stated: “Behold, I will hasten my work in its time.” D&C 88:73. That time has come. Thank you for participating in the hastening." Had a bunch of awesome miracles this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Our investigator (Lin Dx) brought his two daughters and "friend" (Ding JM) to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They all loved it and they are going to come next week too. He is progressing well!! He fasted last week and hasn't drank tea or coffee for a week!! Remember that one older lady in Xinzhu??!?!?! Sui JM. Well last week at the temple I ran into my baby Elder Willes and he told me that she finally came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) She is going to be baptized some day, I know it. When I was on exchanges this week, we had just finished eating lunch, walking out the door, on our way to an appointment with an LA when I said "Hello, how are you today?", to a man (Eric Yang Dx) just standing in the door way... he responded back in English and we kept on talking to him. He was having some women problems......... hahahah .... after a minute or two I was afraid he was interested in just the English, but because we were in a hurry and didn't have alot of time, I just asked if we could meet with him later that day at the chapel and give him a look at the chapel... he accepted. He actually came and really has some wonderful desires!! He set a date for August 8th and we will see him tomorrow to share the restoration. :) Last week we got to go to the temple and serve there for 4 hours!!! so good..... awesome. We are seeing some wonderful things with little opportunities to serve our members!!!!!!!!! just little opportunities, but it's gaining their trust :) I've been working on the attribute of patience... patience with myself, and love and patience for those that I meet. I've been praying for that and I am having lots of opportunities to do learn about that now. The Lord will give to those that ask. Love, Elder Westover Hualian!!!!!!!!!!!! :) The East Coast!

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