Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Taoyuan # 59

Brother Lin, the one that came to church with his whole family last week, was planning on getting baptized this week, but he can't because he drank tea. But that's no problem, because we are going to reset a baptismal date with him and reteach him as we teach his daughters :)!!!! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is best implemented in the home, and my companion and I feel really confident that this is the way to help him. His daughters grow and learn and encourage him to keep the Word of Wisdom... all so they can be together forever :) * Please pray for him. and for us as we seek inspiration to have good creative ideas to teach his daughters. So we had a lesson with a Liao Family (RC family) and we were really punctual with our plans that we made to teach and start finding. We went to an area that we both had felt good about in our prior planning sessions. We said a prayer and we felt really good about the house that was right in front of us as we were praying. There was a little boy playing on the phone and a mom washing clothes, and then a man sitting at a little table drinking beer. I looked at them and I wasn't really too sure, but Elder Clyde said that he thought we should talk to them. So we started with the little boy and he was too preoccupied... and the mom just completely ignored us, but before we talked to that man sitting down drinking beer, another man (Yang Dx) walked out and was super nice! He asked us to come in and sit down. And we shared with him about our purpose and about the plan of our Father in Heaven. He felt the Spirit and even though he rejected the invite to prepare for baptism and set a date, he said we could come back and share with him and his family. He was super special! Really wants to find and experience how the teachings of Jesus Christ can bless his family. :) That was a super wonderful miracle because it was the only person we found the whole week. We made some plans and set some goals of things that we were going to do to find the "Elect". Sometimes it really is "after the trial of your faith" (Ether 12:6) that you see the miracle, and find that ONE soul... I know that my Heavenly Father loves the people here in Taiwan and everywhere. :) That's it for this week :) Enjoy the pics :) There are so many people inTaibei! this is a picture of the city. His companion took it. pics to come...

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