Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Xinzhu # 55

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY :) I love you all. This week was super great! Just like every other week :) It was pretty hard to start out because our phone was stolen and really as far as like lessons and all that... we got "fang-ed" (stood up) a lot through out the week, but we were able to see some wonderful miracles. Shi Dx came to church again this week!! :) He sacrificed watching the World Cup- England Vs. Italy game with his family to come to church :) We're excited to see him prepare to get baptized on July 5th. Probably the most wonderful was our very last lesson of the week. It was with a lady (Cherry) that we met on the side of the road and set a baptismal date then, but because of work she had no time to meet, but we finally set up with her and she is so great!! She had some wonderful questions and the best part was just that when my companion was sharing the First Vision and she said that it sounded like baby's (Elder Willes') Chinese is so good!!... after we asked our peike (member present at the lesson) to share their testimony, she asked, "How can I know if it's true?" :) Super cool. She is a super prepared soul that knows what is truth when she hears it and is willing to seek. Then on Friday night we had gotten "fang-ed" again and we were just having a hard time because of the lost phone and just super stressed, but we decided that we were going to say a prayer and just follow the Spirit to help us know where to go. The night before we has felt like we should look for two new souls and we specifically prayed that as we just listened and followed the promptings of the Spirit that we would find those two prepared souls. Well... We just rode and really prayed the whole time and asked continually who was prepared and finally we were riding on a side street and saw a dad (Leo), a mom (Sandy) and a son (Jeffery). I felt really good about them and just had a little clear though that just said, "this is the two prepared souls." We used the English Class approach and found out that the father had been a former about two years earlier and had just not let his family meet with the missionaries... he actually shared with us how he kinda didn't really like his job, and Sandy asked some other really good questions. We shared with them about how their family could be together forever through baptism and asked if we could come to their house and share with them about the Plan of Salvation and answer their questions. So great!!! :) They're ready!! We didn't have any time to share with them right there because the Sisters were waiting for us to go do a baptismal Interview for one of their investigators , but we're really excited to get them to know some members and come to church :) I love this work. I'm super sad that I will probably move this transfer, but we have a ton of member visits set up this week! I'm so sad to hear about the passing of dear Sister Bracamonte. I send my love to Brother Bracamonte and the family. I'm praying for you all. I loved her so much!! She sent me so many little notes and cards regularly. I'm so grateful that through the Savior and His Atonement we can be together forever. All of us!!! We'll be a big happy family!! Oh man. That will be such a happy day. :) I love you :) HURRAH for ISRAEL!!! Love, Elder Westover

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