Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, June 30, 2014

Taoyuan # 56

Family and friends!!! Ashlyn Bishop is going to Chile!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (Dad, you can call her up!) Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) My favorite holiday of the year... please eat alot of Watermelon for me!!!!!!!!! This week was awesome!! It's a little more busy in it's own way being a zone leader, but today it's going to get a whole lot better, because we are going to clean our apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're going to make it a house of order, and follow the instructions in D&C 109 to establish a house of God. And after we do it this week we are going to invite everyone in our zone to do it next week :) I'm super excited. We met a young man (Chi Dx) who recently broke up with his girlfriend and has been wanting to really know the Christian God, and it was really great!! He has started to pray daily and read the Book of Mormon a little, and even though he was late to sacrament meeting... the good thing is that he came!! :) It's so wonderful to see how great God is when we, his children, are willing to act on simple things, how much better His way is. He can give us more peace and happiness if we just do! :) We are excited to see him progress. He's going to China soon for the summer, but we will work with him to be baptized in August! :) Yesterday we were attended a meeting with the Stake President and it was really great! Elder Clyde and I were thinking it would be really good if we could meet with him and see what it is that we can do as a zone to get on board with what plans they have here in the Stake and it was exactly what we wanted. We got a copy of every ward's mission plan and set some good foundations of trust with the Stake Presidency. Something I really love most about President Cai is that he has a vision of doing missionary work through the Spirit of Elijah. He was sharing and I was reminded about the "My Family" pamphlet that we have all been invited to do, and I just thought about how that would be able to help me and my zone be able to come more like the "one-eyed missionary". I've set a goal to complete it this month and as I do so and seek to know my ancestors, I'll have their help, and I'll be able to have more ability to work through the Spirit of Elijah to find those who will receive the Savior, through their ancestors, and Hasten the Work of Salvation of helping investigators, RCLAs and members go to the temple :) I know that there is a loving Father in Heaven who loves us. He has restored the priesthood upon the earth in this age for us to return to him and it is only through that power by which we are able to return to our heavenly home and live together forever. :) The Church is true, the book is blue, and ta shi women de jiu shu zhu HURRAH for ISRAEL Love, Elder Westover Ps- Joseph... Rudy Lin says hello! :)

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