Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, September 1, 2014

Taoyuan # 63

Dear Family, We had just eaten our dinner and were about to go exchange back and he had to go to the restroom. I took the trash and then I had to go to the bathroom too, so I went in and didn't see anyone in the urinal but the door to the only stall was closed, and I naturally thought it was Elder Broeder so I messed with the door, and then made some scary noises, and then started just talking to him.... but there was no response... I didn't think anything of it until I was washing my hands and saw Elder Broeder come out of the handicap stall right next to the men's restroom... Hahahahah Elder Broeder said my face was priceless, when I saw him come out of there!! I told him to wash his hands and we got out of there!! Luckily before the guy came out, hahah but I learned a lesson. Not to mess around. But it was so funny!!!!!!!!!! Recently all of our investigators are not really progressing. But I know the power of prayer!!! Please pray for Lin Family, Lu Dx, Wang Dx, Xu JM, and that the people of Taoyuan will have their hearts softened to hear the message of the Restoration. This week there were a ton of miracles!! So many, but I think the most wonderful was finding a potential through a service opportunity!! We go to service every week at the yang lao yuan, and I met a Chen Ama. She didn't like to talk at first and then we started to chat about her family and she opened up a little bit more. She then told me that her husband had passed away, and normally I would just say that I'm sorry to hear that and talk about something else, but I felt that I should ask her if she would want to see him again. She thought for a little bit and then she responded that she would. Then I shared with her the Plan of Salvation, sharing the pamphlet and sharing scriptures, and she was eating it up!! I can't wait to meet with her this week and see if we can help her understand more :) I really felt good at that time. She was so great! Even though she was hard to hear and understand I know that her spirit was eating up the things I was sharing and the Spirit touched her several times. I have started to read the Book of Mormon again!!! I love it, but this time I have a pencil in hand and I am writing the thoughts that come into my mind that testify of the doctrines in PMG and I am learning alot. I testify that the Book of Mormon will bring us closer to the Savior and if we are willing, it will help us overcome trials and heal scars that we new not even existed. Hurrah For Israel!!!! Love, Elder Westover

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