Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, September 22, 2014

Taoyuan # 66 with great pictures this week :)

Dear family and loved ones, I love being here. We had an awesome exchange with Elder McKay, and we had alot of "fanged" (stood up) appointments, and rejected as we went out with one of our members, but right as we were heading up to the train station to exchange, we had a quick time that we could find. We prayed about where we should go and asked for the Powers of Heaven to come down and lead us to the prepared. After that prayer, we went and talked to everyone, until we stopped and talked to one of the guys that was doing advertisement on the side of the road. His name was Yang Dx, and as we shared with him about the Savior and the baptism of remission of sins, he asked us, "If I wanted to get baptized, where would I go?" Hahah so amazing!!! He set a date for November, and was touched by the Book of Mormon. We shared about the Loving Heaveny Father that he has and the Plan that He has for us. I love Elder Clyde 'nuff said..... :) I love being a missionary. Specifically here in Taiwan. I have been thinking about it.... This week in one on my studies I studied how Christ ministered One by One, and it made me think of President Monson's talk this last Conference (Love-- The essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ) The first and greatest of the commandments of God is to Love Him and then to love our fellow men. As we love our Father in Heaven through Obedience to His laws and the covenants we make, we will be able to naturally love our fellow men, whom just so happen to be the Children of God also.... It's an Eternal Circle of LOVE that never ends :) Love, Elder Westover

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