Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, May 12, 2014

Xinzhu # 49

Oh my... I really can't believe how fast the time is flying by...... It's so crazy. Brigg and Gunner are turning 14 and are starting to go to Stake Dances! Oh man, I remember playing with you boys and making you run around the house and tripping you on the carpet of grandma and grandpa's house and you would just grin and laugh and run around again, and then I'd do it again!! :P It's really incredible :) So Happy Birthday to you two "shuai ge men" (handsome) guys :) And a Happy Anniversary to Rebekah and Jesse!! It was really good talking to Mom, Dad, Vicki, Christina, Jared and Lacy this week and just know that I love the rest of you just as much :) This week was awesome because our Investigator from Turkey and his wife set baptismal dates and are both working toward those dates!! :) Then there were three members who brought their friends and family to church :) So great!!! I really don't have too much time this week, but I just want to share with you my testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. There is nothing more that I am sure of than that. Even as I live I know that he is a real being and through Him we are able to return to the Father and be welcomed into His Kingdom. 3 Nephi 5:13. Love, Elder Westover (Jordan)

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