Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, May 19, 2014

Xinzhu # 50

This week has been wonderful. Seeing wonderful progress in our investigators in overcoming challenges and repenting, and having an awesome Stake Conference with our Mission President in attendance. In our own area Elder Willes and I have seen many wonderful miracles, one of which was our Turkish investigator, Habip, really working hard to repent and rid himself of the addiction he has to cigarettes.He currently is really striving to get over, and is doing really great!! We shared the Word of Wisdom with him two weeks ago, and he has dropped from one box a day to 3 a day by Sunday at Church. His baptismal service is this Saturday and he really wants to be baptized on that day! We have plans to meet with him every day this week and to keep him busy. We are going to do service with him and help by reading the Book of Mormon with him and watch the Finding Faith in Christ video with him. His baptismal interview is set up for Friday. Please pray for him!!! We also had a very special experience with following the Spirit and finding three yuan2 zhu4 min2 (kinda like the Taiwanese Native American) brothers. It was Wednesday night and we had just gone through all the steps of the planning guidelines up to the finding step and I just sat and pondered. I asked Heavenly Father where he felt that we should go to find the lost sheep, and I just felt that the first place I thought of was the best. So we planned to go there. Thursday night, we went to that place and we were getting rejected right and left... nothin'. We got about to thirty minutes to the time that we needed to go to our scripture discussion class at the church, and my companion said a wonderful prayer to allow us to do the work that he would have us do at that time and in that place. We went and another 20 minutes later we were in an apartment building that someone had left the door open to so we were on the second floor and I was just thinking... am I doing this right? What are we doing that is not right to allow us to find the souls that are prepared to accept the gospel? And I had a comforting feeling that just told me that we should just keep going. So we went to the third floor, and knocked on the second door, it opened and there were these three yuan2 zhu4 min2(native)... They let us in and we had a wonderful lesson. They had some really good questions and we told them that we would like to study their questions and then come back the next day and share with them the Message of the Restoration, and they happily accepted :) I know that the power of revelation and prophesy is possible as we follow the instructions and teachings that we are given in PMG and following the Mission Vision. Being obedient and keeping covenants will bring the Spirit of the Lord of the Vineyard in the work. We also met a girl on the road yesterday and set a baptismal date with her! Her English name is Cherry Lee. She really doesn't speak good English, but she was very nice. The lesson was great! Elder Willes is so amazing with his Chinese for just being out for 2 months, but I felt the most wonderful thing this week... it really is all about our desire to find those that our Heavenly Father has prepared... Have pure love... Charity. A distinct desire to be a tool in the hands of the Lord to invite people unto Christ. Then the Spirit comes and works with you. Smithsons, Bracamontes, Graifs, Westovers, Halls, Meyers, Browns, and everyone. Thank you for your notes and letters, and packages. :) I love you all. Thank you so much for your prayers. Love, Elder Westover

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