Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Xinan # 78

Dear Family and beloved friends, There have been a ton of miracles this week especially with "HE is the Gift". So many, but I will share only one... actually the very last one of last week. We had felt that Yun He Jie would be a really good place to go the night before in our planning and it worked that we were right on schedule to go there at the time that we had originally planned. WE got there and started to Christmas Carol... just the two of us. It was great! You know me I love singing, especially Christmas songs, and we had some people buzz us up to their apartment but there was no success. Then there was one house on the 5th floor that let us up! Hahah and it was not a Taiwanese, European, American, or Australian, but rather 2 Mandarin Students from Honduras here on a 5 year scholarship to learn Chinese. Thankfully their English was like perfect, and after we asked if we could share a short message about Christmas, and watch "HE is the Gift" video, they let us in :) Elder Huang blew them away with his Spanish skills when he said, "GATO!" Hahah! It was awesome. We watched the video and the Spirit was super strong as they were able to watch this video in their own native language. We shared with them about the message of the Restoration, about restored priesthood power, and baptism. And they accepted a baptismal date commitment. :) the best thing is that their other roommate came home and we got to watch the video with them again and they said that this Christmas they wanted to let Christ into their lives more. They are in the same situation as I am with being away from family this Christmas season, but as we testified of the eternal family that we have and invited them to come unto Christ... they felt that warm tender love that their Father in Heaven has for them. :) Super awesome :) So many miracles that we can invite people everywhere to come unto the Savior. All People Everywhere. I know that boldly following the Spirit is so important and acting upon the feelings that we have will bring so much happiness to the Children of God. Share the Gift!!!!! :) Love, Elder Westover

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