Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Xinan # 79

Dear Family, It was super awesome to hear from you on the phone this week :) I love you all... even though I may not have been able to talk to you all... I want you to know that I love your guts. You are amazing!!! Really. This week we had two massive Zone Conferences here in Taipei. One on Wednesday for the Non-Taipei Zones (110 missionaries) and Thursday the Taipei City Zones (104 missionaries). Full of fun and great stuff :) Elder Clyde and I, as well as the Temple Sisters here in our District did a fun crazy Kong Fu act... Yes... I'm now a master ;) it was fun and I hope to show you some day :) But there was also a wonderful performance on both days by our Mission Christmas Choir. Super Spiritual and a wonderful way for us to remember the Savior and His birth. Invite to you all... Think about what Christ means to you in your life. (Read and ponder Alma 5) I'm prayin' for you. I love you all!! Happy New Years!! Love, Elder Westover ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pictures! The first is Sister Wu... pray for her! Next 3, 1.) This is the elders in the office :) (Elders Chow, Huang, Sanford, Lin, and me) 2.)President and Sister Day gave us all matching ties... and they are all orange :) We took a Fabulous 5 picture ;P 3.)Our Office District :) (Middle: Sisters Su and Perkins)

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