Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, January 12, 2015

Xinan # 81

Dear President Day, Another wonderful week! This week we saw so many miracles especially with the Mission Vision aspect of things. Last week (January 4) we went to Church and had a very confident attitude that we were going to set up all the members we wanted to and visit their families... and guess what.... We set up 5 members!!! Then, this week we set up 4 members to visit this week! I am super excited, because we are meeting with President Liang and and the Central Zone Leaders tomorrow morning and we are going to see how we can help him in his vision for the Central Stake. We are also working with the New and Returning Member Form and I feel like it's really helping us in our visits to help them really progress... even after their done with their lessons. We had two LA sisters move into our ward! We hope that they can meet more sisters in the ward. This last week I would like to share one miracle at least. We were on Roosevelt Rd. and Elder Huang and I were being rejected like crazy... like everyone that we were talking to were just really quickly rejecting us, and we just kept on going... because of a red light we were stopped temporarily, and Elder Huang was in front of me on the other side of the road because the light turned red before, I could go, so I talked to a guy that was working at a motorcycle shop. He was just like the others before, but as the light went green I went over with Elder Huang. He was talking with a mom and his two little boys. The little boys are completely opposite....the youngest , LULU (7) is normal but just a little more quiet, but the oldest ZEZE (9) has a little autism in his own special way, but he can play the piano incredibly.... So amazing. Anyway, the mom is super prepared and we are super excited for her as she starts learning the gospel because we shared with her about the plan of Salvation and how HF has prepared our families to be together forever, she was super excited. Her husband passed away a while ago in a car accident and is very sensitive to the Spirit and the things she learns here. The Lord knows us all individually. Next week I will have a new companion. Elder Huang has been here in the office for 6 months and his girlfriend comes home (Taipei) from her mission in Tai Zhong in 3 weeks, so he'll be going a little farther away to Zhunan... But I'll have a new comp. Elder Greenhalgh. I'll show you him next week. :) I love you all. Thanks for being so amazing, and setting such a great example for me in my life. I am so grateful for the Savior and His sacrifice, His ability to do the will of His Father. I know that He lives. Hurrah for Israel!!! Love, Elder Westover pics: This is his home and kithchen. He made Hot Chocolate and it spilt everywhere! :)

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