Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Xinan # 83

Elder Greenhalgh and Elder Westover
大家好! Hello Everyone! 這個禮拜非常棒。真的,看到了許多從天上的祝福! This week has been AWESOME. Really, we saw many blessings from heaven! I would love to write you in all Chinese, but there are two problems with that... all but a very select few of you understand, and I can't type in Chinese very fast, so.... I'll use English. Anyway, I really appreciate the updates from the Marrot Family with all the fun pictures : ) Also, mom I did get your packages. They both got here around the same time. I didn't pay attention but they usually take about 2 and a half weeks to get here on average. Congrats mom on the new calling!! You will do so much for the sisters there in the ward. :) I'm so blessed to have so much love and support from you all back home. Thanks so much for the prayers and blessings, because I know there is no way that our area is staying alive all through our own efforts... It's the strong prayers that you all have and your faith in the Savior. We have been away from our area alot this last week, with doing exchanges with the Zone Leaders and doing Specialized Training Meetings all over the mission. The Lord has really had His hand in our work. The relations we are establishing with our ward is great and I really believe they feel our love. The Sisters in our ward are white-washing, not because the earlier Sisters did a bad job, but rather because of the lack of missionaries, there had to be some changes to where there were two Sisters that completely new nothing about the area brought in. So we have been setting up lots of members for them to meet and allow them to develop relationships ASAP and work together to do the work. I have a really funny story.... last Tuesday, the first Specialized Training with the Xinzhu and Zhunan Zones. Mind you that all the other trainings I have ever done have been in Taipei right across from the Mission Office, and it was the first that I have had to travel to So we got up early so that we could get down to Zhubei by 8:30 and we got everything all in the car for our training and other stuff for Sister Day's...... I thought. But it was after an hour drive down south, right as I exited off the highway getting into Zhubei that I realized... I forgot all of the mics and cords, projector, and translating machines.... I just had that big drop in my stomach, but it all end up ok. I was flippin' out, but we called the Xinzhu Stake President and asked him if there were any of those things that the Stake could let us use for the day, and it just so happened that He was planning to be there that morning to meet with the Zone Leaders and we got everything we needed. The Lord knows what he's doing... even with imperfect missionaries like me. There is another great miracle. Sister Wu came to church for the 3rd time this week!!! Her and Brother Huang are doing great!! They are planning to getting married right before the Chinese New Year, and then getting baptized on the 25th of next month!! Then there was another guy named Mr. Lai. He came to Church this week with his adorable 3 yr. old daughter, and we hope to meet with the family this week on Saturday or Sunday. :) "Finding Families Hastens the Work of Salvation!!!" (President Day) The Lord is so great!! There are many more, but not enough time.... I'll tell you later :) This week and next we also have alot of meetings, cleaning (in preparation of the Asia Area Mission President's Seminar held here in Taipei), a sister in the mission broke her foot, and we are praying for the 3 transfer hold up of missionaries due to visas... So please keep President and Sister Day in your prayers, as there is alot on their plates right now. I'm going to the temple this afternoon, so I will definitely be praying for you, and seeking some direction. Life... Missionary Work.... The most happy thing in the world. I love you!!!!!!!!! Hurrah For Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover

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