Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, February 2, 2015

Xinan # 84

Dear Family and Loved-ones, There is so much that I have to say. I am grateful for the pictures that I finally got of the beautiful little niece of mine :) I can't wait to see her :) I will admit one thing.... I am a little baby trunky.... ;) I have to say that I am so very grateful for the gospel and the opportunity that I have to serve the Savior. I think that the thing that all missionaries, or servants of the Lord all realize when doing His work is that we are really so little. There is so much that we are able to do, but only if we do it through His power. If we try to do something by ourselves or by our own power, we have not the promise of God. This week I have seen many miracles, and learned much about the will that the Lord has for me. The Lord gave us so many miracles!!! We had our first Member referral from a member that we met with on Sunday last week and it was awesome!! We actually had asked him to help us teach a lesson with a 16 year old RC, but during the lesson he leaned over to my companion and said..."Hey I want to let you meet my roommate after this lesson, is that ok?" It was the first time that I have had one of those!! The visit was really good and the guy's name is Brother Jerry Yu and he is studying Electrical Engineering :) We are going to visit with him tonight and invite him to baptism :) Super stoked!! We met with Brother Huang and Sister Wu on Friday night after Mission Leadership Council and they are doing so great!! Brother Wu is so on track. He want so to get baptized so bad. Sister Wu is doing good too, and she has grown in faith so much it's crazy!! She is reading and praying daily and we're still working on the Church every week, but We will be meeting with them this Wednesday night and teach the rest of the Commandments. We're praying that her faith will continue to grow and she will be able to have the faith to make the changes necessary. She feels our love and the love of the Ward. The Stake President and his Wife are fellow-shipping them. Recently we have been visiting many members and developing relationships with them, and a couple of weeks ago I was looking at the Home Teaching list and there was a little section on the list that said, "People who need missionary fellow-shipping" and we have visited a Yang Family (baptized back in 2008- dad has almost no eyesight, mom is working alot, and two kids are going to college in other towns and LA) ... long story short. We have been visiting them, and asking them to let us teach lessons at their house and the Lord has been really strengthening them and this last week their LA daughter came to church !!! :) We hope to help them prepare to go to the temple and become eternal!! :) The daughter said that she wanted to have her boyfriend learn and she is going to invite him to our English Class on Wednesday :) Elder Greenhalgh is from Syracuse Utah, and is super awesome!! He is the most obedient missionary I have every been with and I love it!! :) He and I are seeing so many miracles together and planting seeds :) I believe that that is the greatest thing that I have been able to see... I feel like the Lord has given me the opportunity to love the members and work with them. :) I love Taiwan and I love this people. Like I've said before, we are seeing so many blessings from the Lord in working with the ward in unity. We are praying that during the Chinese New Year we can see many miracles with them! Thanks for the Prayers :) I Love you!!! Hurrah for Israel!!! Love, Elder Westover

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