Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Xinan # 85

親愛的家庭!! 我非常快樂!!! 這個禮拜我坐飛機到花蓮 :)真漂。可能我一生當中看到的最漂亮所看過風景。 Last week I got to go down to Hualian on the East coast and we got to fly... :) I know that there has been some news going around... that a plane engine failed and crashed here in Taipei, luckily that was the day after we flew down there, so we are all safe, but please keep the people that lost their family and friends in the crash in your prayers. We finished all of our Specialized Trainings for this transfer and this week we have all of the mission presidents from the Asia Area here for trainings with the Asia Area Presidency. It's a great opportunity to be among some wonderful men and women. There are so many miracles... just like I always say, but there is one thing that I would like to share... This Sunday before Church we had set up to meet with a dad who had brought his daughter to church two weeks ago, and he is super prepared. :) He had some interest in the Church because one of his College School-mates posted some mission pictures on Facebook and she encouraged him to take his two little girls (2 & 3) to come to church. :) We met with him and during the whole course of the visit I just felt the Spirit SOOOO strong. :) We just shared very simply that Heavenly Father had prepared a plan and that it was the Gospel of Jesus Christ. we tied it very well to him and he felt the Spirit strong too. :) He accepted a baptismal commitment for mom's Birthday!!! :) March 14th. He said that we want to be baptized. We are going to meet with mom and the two little girls next week :) Pray for the Lai Family!! Brother Huang and Sister Wu are doing great!! They went and visited their families and it's all up to them to decide :) Hopefully they will be going down to the Government Building this week and get married!!! Then a little later they'll have a wedding. Sister Wu accepted to keep the Sabbath Day, and tithing and the 10 commandments. Pray that she will be good with the Word of Wisdom :) I love you!!!! That is it for this week. Keep up the good work :) I liked a scripture I read this last week. James1:22 Hurrah For Israel!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover Hey ummm..... Happy Valentines Day.... :) Love you all!!! oh yeah.... my parents have been married for 44 years!!!! :) They're awesome!!!

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