Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, February 16, 2015

Xinan # 86

Dear Family, Happy Valentines Day!!!! :) We are doing well. This last week we didn't get to go on any exchanges and spent alot of time on an assignment from President Gong (Asia Area President) on Monday through Thursday morning, but I learned a ton! :) Elder Greenhalgh got sick on Sunday and it gave me an opportunity to love and serve him. I have been praying for more Charity... and just like He has always done.... He gives me opportunites :) Brother Huang is getting baptized on Saturday at 3 PM. The Lai Family is pogressing!!!! And I'm so excited!!! :) I hope I get to see them get baptized before I go home. It's always been my dream to find a family and help them come unto Christ!!!! They set up for Saturday night at 7:00 :) We are seeing so many blessing from Heaven. We are so imperfect, but the Lord puts the prepared in our path!!! Brother Lai brought his whole family to Church. His wife is called Sarah, and has two daughters... 3, and 2.... They are adorable!!!!!!!!!! He came to a baptism after church and loved it :) I was spending more time writing in my journal and pondering this week and I feel like I have decided to keep my covenants my whole life. hahah..... I am sure you as a mission president am really happy to hear this, but I really hope to see myself drawing near the end of my mission, doing more, and more, relying on the Lord to go beyond my own strength to do the most that I can here. I am so happy and I hope that I can be faithful. I love you. I love you all!! :) Family.... and Friends....... I know that Christ Lives. There is nothing that I am more sure of than that. I know because I see the way that he has changed my life, and how he can and does change the lives of my beloved Taiwanese brothers and sisters. :) HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover a couple of pics: the first, dropping of the mission van for President Day at the Grand Hotel. SO they snatched a quick pic. Second, huge service opportunities this week!

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