Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, December 1, 2014


Dear family... We had a baptism!! Brother Hu!!!! :) I have sent some pictures for this week to my blog, and because I don't have too much time, I just want to share a miracle or two. This week we had the Mission Leadership Council and we got to receive some training on Receiving Revelation from the Taiwan Taipei Temple President and his wife and also do a session and put into play what we learned. Everyone that was present learned a ton from on high, and will bless the whole mission :) The Church has invited us to use the "He is the Gift" initiative very intensely here and we have seen so many miracles. :) I want to share an experience that I had in Zhunan at the area that I was born in on exchanges with the zone leaders there. We were at the park and We maet a man and his daughter that were playing. We asked them if we could share the video with them on their cellphone and as we were watching it the little daughter was just reading the captions and after it showed all the pictures of Christ and his birth... she said, "He is the Son of God." "Ta shi shen de erzi"... Oh my goodness. I can't even tell you how wonderful that was to me to hear those words come from her mouth as she felt the Holy Ghost testify to her that Jesus is the Christ and is the Son of God. I know that God gave us a very great gift and it is His Son. :) go to and watch the video and share it!!! Invite everyone everywhere to come and discover the gift, accept the gift, and share it :) I love you!!!!!

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