Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tou Fen # 15

Joseph, Lisa, Kaleb, and Victoria..... Happy Birthday!!! I love you. 'nuff said. This week was really crazy... I have heard of it before, but I never thought it would happen to me... One of our new baptismal commitments thinks we are FBI agents. He wants us to team up with him to emigrate Asia to America. Bahahahah!!! I am praying that we can talk some sense into him next time we meet with him so that we don't have to drop him. I love being a missionary. Hahah "I love my life!!" :P Two favorite miracles for the week... First was on Saturday... We were out finding some LAs that our Branch President assigned us to visit and neither I or Elder Broeder can't really read characters, I was asking some people to help us find it as we got to the general area it was in. Several people had rejected me the second I asked them, but as I pulled next to a man at an intersection I felt that he would be a nice man and help us find it. I asked him, he looked at us and told us we were about 1 KM away and said he would guide us there. This in and of itself was a miracle... but the Lord blessed us even more. We got to the house and got to know this LA. Li Dx is a 50 years old and was telling us about how much he loves the gospel principle of Eternal Families and before that he was talking about his sons (he's a very proud father), when his second oldest son, who is a professional soldier on his 3rd of 5 year contract and wants to go on a mission, walked in. He took his father's place and talked with us... He spoke great English and we took a little time to get to know him and then we talked about his father. He told us some great information and we were so blessed to have him there, but the greatest miracle was, he had woken up this morning and just felt like he should come home. He got time off come up just that one day. He didn't know why he needed to come home, but the Spirit told him that he needed to and the greatest thing is that he obeyed!! We still have some work to do with his father, but we got his number so we can stay in contact and get his dad back. Second was on Sunday...We went over to the Lin JT (I) to follow up on the "On the Way Home" video we had left for them. They said they had watched it twice and really enjoyed it. We then started to share the Plan of Salvation from after death and on, and answered questions and discussed about our church's doctrine with the Catholic Church's and what differences they have. It was a GREAT lesson. I felt like a representative of the Lord and a missionary that teaches people, not lessons. There were several concerns that came up and that were resolved. Such a blessing!! I'm starting to read some scriptures that I am advised to read in my Patriarchal Blessing and I am seeing more and more the purpose that the scriptures have in my life and how they can help the people that I teach. I'm really trying to help people see the blessings that come from reading the Book of Mormon. I am loving reading Jesus the Christ everyday because it helps me focus on the Savior... and His great glory and importance in the Work of Salvation... He is the Work of Salvation. He is the Master and I am the Servant. That's it for Week 15 in Taiwan :) Love ya! Thank you for your love and prayers. Bringin' in the Harvest for the Lord!! Love, Elder Jordan Westover

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