Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tou Fen #18

Hello!!! I love you all so much :) Here are my miracles from this week: Oh. How. I. Love. Being. A. Missionary. ----------- This week was a hard/good week. Had some great times and also some very hard times, but when the work is going slow... I get excited because it means that the time of plentiful blessings is that much closer. Kevin- The youngman who came to church last week set a baptismal date and really is progressing. He is striving to understand who his Father in Heaven is and is doing all the things necessary to develop a great relationship with Him. I know that he feels the Spirit and that it is having an effect on him. I love him and really want to see him get baptized! Comp Exchanges- With Elder Liu on Wednesday we were going out to a teaching appointment with Chen Dx at his house and unfortunately... he "fang"-ed us. So after praying about the next decision we should make as to where we should go next to proselyte we both felt good about staying in the area and tracting. We did so and had no success what so ever. Tracted for 1 1/2 hours and no one wanted to hear the great message we had, and by this time I was really getting discouraged. Then I remembered one of the invites for the month that I had not done yet. I had not used my talents to find. :) It was about time to go to our service appointment and it was the last house... Chen JM an old auma!... She couldn't read or speak much mandarin, so we could not teach her much, so we sang. I had had that prompting the whole time and here it was the last house and we had an opportunity to sing for her. We sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" and made her day :) The Spirit was so great and I felt like I was a true minister, a representative of Jesus Christ doing what He would want me to do. Finding on Friday- We spent 4 hours looking and looking for one person willing to listen to us and it wasn't happening. We got to the park and Elder Broeder offered us a great prayer before we went into the big park to find someone to share the Gospel with. The first person we talked to was the one. His name was Henry Wu and as we walked up he was sitting on the bench next to the lake thinking. We sat down next to him and started to get to know him. He was awesome. We started to share the truths that we know of our Heavenly Father and the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. We taught him how to pray and about the Book of Mormon. Helped him start to understand the Spirit and how he works in our lives. His friend had a wedding this weekend, but he said that he would give us a call to tell us when he had time to meet again and share more. We got his number and parted. Being out here is such an incredible thing. I love absolutely every minute of being out here sharing what I know to be true. I know that God lives and I know that he loves us. He knows us perfectly and wants us to be successful. So he has provided us with a living prophet to lead us and guide us back to his presence. So many other blessings that we receive through the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so happy to be a messenger of this message here in Taiwan and I would not be anywhere else :) I love you all so much. Have a wonderful week. Love, Elder Jordan Westover

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