Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tou Fen # 21

This week was awesome!! We had so many miracles... as usual!... Haha it's not like it's any different. I'm only like one in 88,000 of the Lord's chosen, set apart servants, to go out into the World and share the most marvelous message of all eternity!!! :) Yeah I'm pretty happy being a missionary. John Adams Westover. Happy Birthday Bro!! Hey if you get some time to take the hour flight over here while I'm in Taibei today, I would treat you to some Gonggua Niunai :P Man I love that stuff!! I love you and hope you have a wonderful... Goblin Birthday :) This week was great!!! We had several awesome miracles, but I would say that the best part was that we got two member referrals!! It made me so happy. We are seeing the hands of the Lord in our work everyday. Guo Dx, our High Counselor gave us a call and set up a friend. The lesson was held at his house and it was good. It was an awesome miracle because it is so good to see leaders, actually leading out! Guo Dx is so strong and I absolutely love him. He met this man about a month ago at a work engagement and got to talking about how the gospel of Jesus Christ helps us be happy. This man's name is Shen Dx and he definitely is willing to go forth and do what he needs to do to change his life and get around to knowing what eternal happiness can feel like. Shen Dx was very nice and willing to set a baptismal date and fortunate for Miaoli he lives about 200 meters from the chapel there! We got "fang-ed" and were talking with Xi JM our peike (member present in a lesson) (Chinese is so much more simple!!) when she told us of a family that they had invited to come to the Halloween party this weekend. She told us their names and told us the time to go and "Tract" in their area :P It works!!! Always ask for referrals. I now have a testimony of that truth. Consistently reminding members to think about people in their lives will turn out some time. We were waiting to meet with a potential investigator and got there early. We decided to go knock doors, but the only thing was... I needed to use the bathroom. We tried a few houses to see if they would let me use their bathroom, and unfortunately there were no people willing to let a foreign Jidu Jiao missionary into their house to go to the bathroom and the last one just told us to go to the nearest 7-Eleven, which wasn't really that close... so we started to make to walk out of the housing complex and I had to go really bad! But we found a man and his wife who were coming home and started to talk with him. Shared how the Gospel of Jesus Christ could bless him and his family. He invited us in to sit down and talk!! After sharing that we had a meeting with one of his neighbors really soon but that I really needed to use the bathroom. He let us use it, we got his number to set up another time, and were off to our other lesson. Unfortunately the other potential was very argumentative, and was not willing to listen, we found a family willing to listen :) the Lord works in mysterious ways! The Church is true, the book is blue, and I love Taiwan... Sorry time is short. :) Love, Jordan
He labeled this "Picture of the Day" :)

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