Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, July 1, 2013

Tou Fen #4

Hey! wow. It's been almost a month on island and I can't believe it!! Hahah We are doing awesome here in Tou Fen and the work is progressing! Just as it always is :) But we are really being blessed here. I recently have been praying for more experiences to develop the Christlike attribute of Humility... I have always known that Heavenly Father answers prayers, but I did not realize that if you pray for Him to help you align your will with His... It's a faster process! I have had many experiences this week and I am very happy for those. Keep the prayers coming! I really do love you and appreciate them! The people here in Taiwan are all so nice. They really are. And I am so happy to be here sharing this message of happiness and joy with them! My Taiwanese brothers and sisters. We are busy all the time! Tuesday night to teach the Lin Family that we tracted into two weeks ago and they are really interested! (My first time leading a lesson) Very humbling. I really learned that the work that I am doing can not be done on my will and strength alone. This is the God's work, and I have been called by His prophet to share the Message of happiness and salvation to the people of Taiwan in their own tongue. In order to do that, I must humble myself and rely on the strength of the Holy Spirit. The next lesson that I lead went a little better. His name is Lance and we started sharing when we asked him if he had had any experiences with our church. He then shared with us that when he was 12 he had been "Ma"-ed (mocked) by some missionaries and he was still pretty bitter about it. We told him that we were sorry that he had had that experience and kept on teaching. The Spirit was super good and he committed to pray. We are meeting with him at the church building this week! He will soften and will be happy he keeps meeting with us. There is more, but my time is up. I love you all and really am so grateful for your prayers. I pray for you all also! The Church is true, God is our Father, He loves us, and I am about His work... Hurrah for Israel!!!! Love, Elder Westover

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