Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, July 8, 2013

Tou Fen #5

Hey all!! This week has been great and I can't wait to tell you all about it, but first off... HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! (That's my favorite holiday) I hope you all saw plenty of fireworks, ate plenty of watermelon, and listened to tons of country music! Happy Birthday to: Adelynn, Sister Talbot (Mom2), and Elder Travis Talbot! I love you all and I hope your day is so awesome today!! .... Hahah I get to celebrate your birthday before you do!! ;P Ok! So back to my week this last week. Last Monday was Elder McKay's Birthday, so they came up from Miaoli to Zhunan and we all ate pasta rice (just like I used to do with Sarah, Tarah, and Rebekah), and ate some.... MANGO bing qi ling (ice cream).... Taiwanese Icecream is different. Shaved ice, with whatever fruit or topping you want, and lian ru (condenced milk) :) Sooo good! I cleaned the bathroom, and we finally bought a shower curtain!!!!!!!! Hahaha that is some thing that I have been bugging Elder Hopper about, becuse in our bathroom there is no room and the water from the shower goes everywhere and it's super gross.... :/ hahah I'm a clean freak. This week we have recieved many answeres to prayers and many blessings in our area. We are working with 5 progressing investigators right now. We set two baptismal dates and are super excited! Jeff (Yu Dixiong- 63) just came out and asked us...!!! hahah I couldn't believe what I was hearing when he asked! Set it for October 10! The other is Zhou Jiemei (15). Elder Davidson and Elder Hopper found her before I came in and she has been progressing for a while. She has a great desire to get baptized. She's keeping commitments and is coming to church every week! Super excited to get them in the font! :P hahah (but seriously...) We have been so blessed with having miracles with our tracting. It's usually after knocking on about 20 houses before we get someone who is willing to atleast listen to us. The Lord is leading us to speak with potential Melchizedik Preisthood Leaders. We really need them here in Tou Fen and really hope build this area into a Ward. We are trying new Finding Ideas!! Hahah My favorites are: Going to the park to sing, "Build and Investigator", and asking people where the best place to eat is! The last is probably my favorite, because all we need is an opportunity to let people talk to us... Elder Holand said that with everyone we talk with, there is always something that will lead into the Gospel and how it can bless them personally. I'm really trying to develope that skill to listen. Listen to the Spirit and listen to the people I speak with. Taiwan is so amazing, and as much as I wish I could be back in America with you and could have celebrated the Fourth of July with my fellow Americans, I am absolutely inlove with Tou Fen and all the people that are just searching for the Light and Truth that the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am just starting to really realize it. This time really is going to fly by. My time here in Taiwan is so short, and I don't want to give anything less than my all. After a discussion with a man we found at the park (Wang), I realized how bad it hurts to have someone reject a message of happiness. A message that is brought by young men and women to share with their fellow brothers and sisters, because we want them to know of the Joy and Love that can come from this Gospel. It really does hurt. But you... my family (and friends), and the Lord, our Saviour Jesus Christ is my motivation to go and to it all again, hoping and praying in Faith, that the next person I speak with will feel the Spirit and want to know more. Even though my Chinese is not good at all, and there is so much that I have left to learn, I know that God is my Loving Heavenly Father. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to Earth to perform the Atonement to allow us to return to God's presence. I know that the Book of Mormon and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are the way that we can have EVERLASTING life and happiness. There is no other way than through Faith. And our Faith leads to Actions (baptism), which will lead to a testimony, developed into a full conversion to obtaining all the promised blessings through the sacred ordinances of the Temple. I love you all. I love this Work (fun), and I love my Father. Hurrah for Israel!!!!! Love, Elder Jordan Westover


  1. Tell Elder Westover that he has my permission to make Elder Hopper clean the bathroom at any time. ;-)

    Elder Hoppers Dad.