Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tou Fen # 8

I am so sorry for not saying this last week, but Dad, Enoch, Jared, and Jacob... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :) I love you all! And a special Happy Birthday to Olivia :) I hope it's great! (Eat some cake for me Brigg ;P ) I don't know if this is normal for everyone who has gone on a mission, but I just want to say I'm sorry to all of the people who write me letters and just don't get a response.... haha I am really so sorry but there is almost no time to write everyone. I want to say a special thank you to all the people who have written me since I've gotten here. Thank you to.... Graifs, Smithsons, Bracamontes, Anna, Ashlynn, Olivia, Emery, Kate, Leah, Kaleb, Savannah, Calyssa, Ben, Ella, Sister Talbot, and Allison Petramalo. I really love to hear from you and how life is there!! :) Just know that I really do love hearing from you, but I don't know that you will get a letter back right away...... haha. Once you're a missionary, you'll know. :) Joshua!! Thank you so much for the love brotha! The pictures were great to see :) Congrats on the new house!!! :) I am so happy for you guys. Sarah's trainer in the Canada Edmonton mission has been in Taiwan for an internship and she went to the temple about three weeks ago. She asked one of the Sisters in the visitor center if they knew of me and one of the sisters actually was in my Zone. She gave me a note and 500 NT to go get ice cream! haha so nice of her :) it's really cool and I don't know if she knows or not, but my name is on the money that she gave me!! (Wu3- which means 5) This week we had a new investigator (Lin Qing Yong) who came to church this week and he is doing great! he is meeting with us twice a week and he is feeling the love from God so much more! The other investigatory is Yu Dx. and he is doing so awesome!!! He has his baptismal interview set for next Sunday and will have it on the 8/10. Super stoked and he is so ready!.... It honestly is so crazy that he is so prepared! Now I'm going to share what I sent to President Day for my report this week. "This last week we focused on one less-active Melchizedek priesthood holder and another potential. They both have word of wisdom problems and it has been incredible to see the Atonement of Jesus Christ change them and give them strength. Huang yen wen is the one who we found recently and he is progressing so well! He has quit drinking and is now working on quitting smoking, but to hear his testimony and feel the Spirit as we testify to him that as he continues to come unto Christ and keep all of his commandments, that he can be forgiven of all of his sins. I actually think the most incredible thing has been seeing the light of Christ return to him more fully! The countenance of light that shows that he knows that he is a son of God, and that he has a Savior who has already suffered for his pains, sorrows, mistakes and sins. All he has to do is repent. And that is such a happy thing!!! The other one is Qiu Dx, who a year ago was in the branch presidency, and I guess got into the wrong crowd and started drinking and eating Beetle Nut. We have been meeting with him for a while and he has never really made any effort to quit, but this week we told him that we would call him morning and night to remind him to read his scriptures and say his prays to receive more strength. It was doing alright and he didn't always do it, but Friday came around and we had two members go over with us to visit him. One of the members has recently been baptized and overcome those same problems. We asked him to share his story, and bare his testimony of the things that helped him. It was powerful. We invited him to come to church and he accepted. He came!!! The Lord provides a way for his righteous servants to do his work. For the month of July, one of our goals was to get a less-active Melchizedek priesthood holder back to church. it worked :) Thank you Heavenly Father!!" I'm loving being a missionary, and I find the more I lose myself in the work the more ability I have to invite his children to come unto him and find the truth that He has provided them to give them peace and joy in this world full of hatred, pains, and sorrows. I love my Savior and I love His work. Please pray for Elder Hopper and I here in Toufen and pray that we will have the humility and ability to listen to the Spirit to find the prepared ones. Father in Heaven does hear your prayers and I am reaping the blessings from them. We need as many as we can, so keep it coming! :) love ya!! Hurrah for Israel!!!!!!!!
Pictures: 1.)visiting their investigator with some member 2.)The Taipei MRT Station, "so many people" 3.)TYPHOON 4.)closest thing to Chik-filet there. My favorite is the breakfast here. Mmmm. 5.)Our last District Meeting before Elder Peterson went home. We're the youngest District in the mission right now. We're all training or being trained.

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