Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Xinzhu # 42

Hello all!! :) This week has been so wonderful. I want to tell everyone.... I'm gonna train again!!! haha and this time it'll be a normal period of time. It's still not forsure that I will be here in Xinzhu either... so I might be training, opening an area, and possibly district leader.... I will be doing alot of growing this next transfer, that's for sure. :) This week was very good. I forgot to bring my study journal!! I had some really good thoughts that I wanted to share, but that's ok. We're really excited about the work that has been happening here with the members. Although the WML is working on getting married, and is kinda busy with that, the ward is doing great!! We are striving really hard to work with the members here, and have a member present at EVERY lesson. We recently have found out all the Home Teaching assignments, and are going to have the Home Teachers go with us to visit their brethren. I am so happy to have the guidance that you have received from Heavenly Father and effectively sharing it with us. Although I am not perfect, I feel the presence of the Spirit every time I do any of the invites and specifically make changes to improve. Thank you for sharing the knowledge that you have, and loving us enough to give us opportunities to learn from the Spirit for our selves. To Change the nature of me to become more like the Savior. Also inviting, testifying, and promising blessings to all those that I speak with. This week we had a lot of trials... our investigators have not been answering their phones so, we spent alot of time finding, but there was not much success on our part of setting new baptismal dates, and helping them have faith to go and do. To act and believe that the Lord will help them prepare for the baptism. We are going to focus on the vision to use the doctrine of Christ to bring an ever increasing number of souls to Him. To help these people overcome their doubts and fears through faith, repentance, baptism, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. And pray a little harder (understatement) when we are planning for the Lord to show us where we should go to find his chosen ones. Hurrah for Israel!! Love, Elder Westover

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