Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, April 7, 2014

Xinzhu # 44

:) I love the missionary life. There is nothing more wonderful. :) We've already seen some wonderful blessings and miracles from reading the Book of Mormon with all the people that we teach. Elder Willes is an awesome missionary!!! His language is seriously so incredible. He is just a hard worker. Not afraid to mess up, and is a very humble kid. I am so blessed for the Lord to give me such a wonderful son. We saw many miracles and have a lot more investigators progressing toward baptism. One incredible miracle I want to share is of our investigator named Sui JM. She is about 65 years old and she has such a sweet spirit. She has a 94 year old mother who she cares for everyday, and she has some physical problems, and then also in our lesson we found out that she had a little brother who passed away in a car accident awhile ago. We and our two peikes sang Families Can Be Together Forever for her, and she was tearing up. There was such a strong, wonderful feeling that came into the room as the Spirit testified to her the truthfulness of those words. We shared with her the Plan of Salvation and invited her to be baptized. She has not accepted a baptismal date yet, but she will get it. She wants her daughter to learn the Gospel with her, so we will get them this week on track get baptized them as a family!!! Another one is about Habip and his wife... Haha, he is from Turkey and is a Muslim. He met his wife online 4 years ago, and just moved here about two months. He does not speak any Chinese at all. Originally a less-active invited us over to ask us to teach him Chinese, and then we shared with him what our real purpose was and he felt it. As we testified of the strength and peace that we receive through the Atonement, he felt the Spirit speak to him and testify of Christ's love. He even had a dream of himself getting baptized!!! So incredible!!! His wife and him use English to communicate and he has only been speaking for 3 months!! He is really good for only three months. Haha I think the most wonderful miracle is is just that We are so blessed. The members are so good (Bishop Huang just started a Preach My Gospel class for all the leaders of the auxiliary leaders to attend during Sunday School) and their getting better!!!!!! :) The Work is Hastening, and it's not going to stop. :) Hurrah for Israel!!!!!!!!!! Love, Elder Westover This is he and his baby, and a visit to Costco. :)

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