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Taipei Taiwan

Sunday, August 18, 2013

President's Report #11

Hey I will send these reports to you so you can see how my progression is going. I am trying to get better at these so please if you have any incites as to things I could share please do. :) I love you! A. Miracles: On companion exchanges with Elder Gibson we had a great lesson with one of our investigators who has been very hesitant to make any commitments. While we were following up on his reading and praying he said... "I read and I prayed and when I prayed I could feel an angel at my side... It felt good and safe." He has not accepted the invitation to baptism or to come to church because he is too afraid of what his parents will do... but he leaves for college next month and I know that when he goes there he will do those things. We are going to try and send him to the Taizhong mission with a baptismal date. His faith is growing and developing. Last week we found a lady who wanted us to teach her kids English and so this week we had an appointment to visit them. It went great! The dad is there and will be there every time we are there, but we shared with them what our real purpose was and that we share a message that can bless their family and asked if we could also teach our message. They set up and we are super excited about them! They have two kids. Johnson (12) and Julia(9)! Johnson has really bad A.D.D. They recently moved in so if they come to church next week they can meet some new friends! Lin Qing Yong is in Mosiah 11!! He has a while to go because of some problems with Word of Wisdom and just clearing some things out with him about the Law of Chastity. We're praying that the Lord will humble him to allow us to speak enough in our lessons. He really is negative about his life right now and barely allows our lessons to be taught. We re-established expectations this last week. It's been another rough week of finding people that will listen to us. We are moving forward in Faith and humbly seeking out the will of the Lord. B. Studies: Using the scriptures to teach has been the greatest thing that I have been able to apply this week. As Arron did I want to teach and then expound. But before that it comes down to asking questions and listening to the investigator so that you can use God's words to answer their questions and show how the scriptures can give them answers. C. Companionship Relationship: It's so good! I'm loving it and I'm super sad a that one of us will leave... it's honestly really sad for me to think. But we are going to leave this area in a better condition than when we got here. D. Personal Development: I feel like there is so much that I have to do. I am learning that all of the converts and investigators I teach can only be converted as far as I myself am converted. I'm seeking to sanctify myself. The Spirit has brought to mind things that I must do in order to be a better teacher and example so that I can have the spirit testify through me. They are having diligence to faith... using the scriptures... and testifying directly to the needs of those I speak with. I know that as I strive to do the mission, zone, and district invites and strive to do the small and simple things, that I will have the ability to call the people of Toufen to repentance, change, improve, progress, and become a "new creature" (Mosiah 27:25-26). I must seek for purity and sanctification to be able to do that and it comes down to my thoughts, actions, and desires as I do the work of the Lord.

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