Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tou Fen # 10

It has been so great here!! I am so in love with the people here and I love you all. Here are some of the miracles from this week. This week was a great week! I had a wonderful week as a missionary. When it comes to our numbers... it wasn't exactly what we really wanted to see, but the Lord has definitely humbled us. I personally learned that I need to literally talk with everyone. There is something in this gospel message that will help everyone, and everyone that I speak with literally is my brother or sister. They need to know the plan of mercy, love and happiness that our Father in Heaven has prepared for them, and I just have to love them enough to stop and invite them repent, and repent. That's not an easy thing to do by myself, but I know that as I talk with everyone, strive to listen, speak and do, as Jesus Christ, everyone I speak with will know through the Holy Spirit when I say that I am a representative of Jesus Christ. We also sound some awesome service opportunities!! hahah with a Buddhist Service group :) One soul was baptized this week!! Yu Dx (Jeff) was baptized and confirmed this weekend. It's been a long time coming! He is so ready and I have actually been pretty nervous that he may be too perfect... Elder Hopper has just been talking about how when their "too perfect" that they fall away sooner or later, but during his confirmation, I felt comfort in my heart that all would be ok, and that the Lord has great plans in-store for him. My favorite scripture this week is in 1 Nephi 4:6. "And I was led by the Spirit. Not knowing what I should do beforehand." Love, Elder Westover Some pics 1- Exchanges with Elder McKay from MTC District (he is in Miaoli) 3- Dinner with our branch president 4&5- beautiful sunset on the way over to an appointment with one of our LA's (it was late, and the pics weren't working. I will add those soon. Check back for the pictures)

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