Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, December 9, 2013

Xinzhu # 27

I love it here :) All of the missionaries are doing a great job! Our Sisters had 2 baptisms!!! We as a district are spending a lot of time out finding, and contacting referrals. I feel like that the best part that we are doing as a district is that we are going out with a desire to help these people hear the marvelous message that we have, and we want to work. Trying to look at everyone we meet as our brother or sister who needs the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. This week I had the opportunity to go to Xiangshan with Elder Niedfelt. It was a great exchange and we both learned a lot. We found a potential family! Great week :) We're going to work on getting all of these people we meet on the street becoming New Investigators. This week has been good! I love being a missionary here in Xinzhu :) The Xinzhu Zone did a special fast for all of the investigators we have, and to get them to come to church. My companion and I made a goal to teach all of our RCLAs and Investigators of the importance of attending church. We did that, and saw a wonderful miracle. Zhou Dx (13), he is preparing to test this week, and he told us that his parents wouldn't let him come to church. We invited him to continue to keep the Sabbath Day and ask his parents if he could just come to Sacrament meeting and show his faithfulness, that the Lord would bless him to test well. He committed to asking his parents. We followed up, and his parents said no, but it was the most incredible thing!! We were calling investigators right before Sacrament Meeting, when I saw this boy walk through the door!! Oh my goodness!!! You have no Idea how wonderful it was!! It was like a movie. Haha I won't kid you. I was calling the very last investigator, and there were none who had showed up. I looked over to the door, and I just see this silhouette of Zhou Dx from the glare of the sun off of the cars, and it was real!! haha. We were blessed to have one other investigator (Liao Dx) to answer the phone earlier (we woke him up) who was really not sure if he would come :) He definitely has potential! I knew at that time what true faith was... No matter the out come everything will work out. Faithfully Hope, and Hopefully Love. That's what praying for the gift of Charity brings. Loving the people and desiring their salvation is the most important thing. I'm so grateful. I have started to read the Four Gospels, studying the way that the Savior teaches. My place of most needed improvement is in teaching with simplicity. I even have a hard time teaching children. I'm praying for the gift to teach simply, and I am going to do a little 5 minute role play to teach whole lessons as simple as I can for different investigators. My Companion(Elder Huang)'s mom, after 20+ years, is taking the missionary lessons :) Her name is: hong zi ying. She has been keeping all the commitments the missionaries give her, and went to church this last week!! Pray that she'll receive the confirmation of the Spirit as she continues :) Thank you so much for your prayers and love. :) Love, Elder Westover P.S.- Talk to mom about the Christmas Call

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