Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Xinzhu # 29

Hello all! I'm not going to have a ton of time today, but I just want to share with you that I love you all, and I am so excited to be with you for eternity :) I know that there is a plan of happiness that our Father has for us, and His Son is at the center of it. The Missionary Christmas is the best. I have noticed that there really has not been much of a change in the season, because as a missionary... our purpose is to always strive to live, love, invite, and give as Him. Haha. I think the best thing I have loved this year is that I have been thinking about what I can give to Him. We as the Children of God have been invited to follow Him and keep his commandments. Because I have not much time I just want to leave you with an invitation. Read Matt. 1-2 thinking about the wonderful gift our Father in Heaven has given us. Then, I want to invite you to read 3 Nephi 27 13-22, and as you read this I would like to invite you to ask yourself... 1.) What gift has Christ given to us, and 2.) This next year, what gift are you going to give to Him. I know that as you will do this, you will feel of the love that our Father has for you. He wants you to return to back to His presence, and I know that as you whole heartedly and sincerely seek this, you will be inspired by the Spirit and He will help you know what you can do. XinZhu is an awesome place, and I love it here. We are working with 3 baptismal date investigators, and my zone leader and I found a family that really needs the gospel last week on exchanges :) So Good :) The work moves along :) Merry Chrismas!! He Lives!!! Love, Elder Westover

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