Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan

Monday, December 30, 2013

Xinzhu # 30

It was great being able to get Skype the family at Bear Lake Utah, and I can't believe how fast that time went!! Hahah I look forward to next time on Mothers Day 2014, but that's the last time you'll hear me say that till next Mothers Day. All that I am is the Lords'. He is my Master. This week has been great. Our greatest week as a district thus far. Just like the weeks before, we've just gotten out and worked hard! We've all made goals to follow and use the training that we have received. Our Ward now has a Ward Mission Plan and it will just go to the Bishop to have some fictionalizations :) I have a great feeling that the work here is going to explode!! We can do it!! The Lord wants a new Stake here as fast as He can get it. He helped us and answered our prayers with giving us missionaries a Ward Mission Plan for both of the wards in our district. We look forward to really helping the Less-Actives come back and inviting all to come unto Christ. My companion and I had a wonderful week as we celebrated the Birth of the Savior doing the best thing. Proclaiming His Word. Although we didn't have too many people that wanted to listen to the message that we had. This Christmas has been the greatest one I have ever had. I have come to know Him more now than ever. I'm sorry this week is very short, but I just love you all. You are all so great, and I just want to make it known.... I'm living the life!!!! ;) Love, Elder Westover P.S.- I just want you all to know that I KNOW my parents love me. They sent me a box of brownie mix in my package :):) hahah (Hint.... if you want to tell me that you love me... just send me some brownie mix! It's that easy!! :P) P.P.S.- Love you all!!

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